By Duncan Smith

Once upon a time, our military brass was concerned about one thing and one thing only: Winning wars.

After all, that’s the only reason why a standing military exists, right?

To fight — and to win — wars and conflicts.

Because no nation can ever afford to lose a war.

Especially the world’s most powerful republic — the U.S.

No more. In the Biden era, the Pentagon has become uber-woke, where the highest commissioned and non-commissioned officers are busying themselves with really important things — like women’s styles.

UPI notes:

The U.S. Army plans to allow the wearing of ponytails by female soldiers, regardless of uniform, U.S. Army Sgt. Maj. Michael Grinston announced.

In a Twitter question-and-answer session on Thursday, Grinston said that the wearing of ponytails, currently restricted to physical training exercises and allowed while wearing the Army Combat Uniform, will be extended to Army service and dress uniforms.

He did not announce an official date for the change in policy, which is part of an all-branches push to re-evaluate practices which could put women and Black service members at a disadvantage.

The Air Force changed its rules in February, allowing women to wear their hair in up to two braids or a single ponytail.

The Army and Air Force are also set to adopt flight suits for pregnant women.

China, meanwhile, is building a fighting force. The Chinese aren’t concerning themselves with any superfluous nonsense like fashion statements, hairdos, and nail polish.

The Chinese are going to kick our asses in a real conflict if our brass doesn’t get their heads out of theirs.

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