By Duncan Smith

It has never made any sense to leave box stores and grocery stores open during the COVID-19 pandemic but close other businesses.

Like restaurants and bars.

And yet, that’s been pretty much the modus operandi for shutdown Democrats — along with closing gyms and churches.

Only let Americans buy what they need; don’t dare let them enjoy their lives or have any fun, worshipping, or staying fit.

Well, newly leaked emails between the Stalinist Democrats who run Nashville prove — again — that this selective strategy of mandated business closures to hurt the most vulnerable people was a scam from the outset.

WZTV has the details:

The coronavirus cases on lower Broadway may have been so low that the mayor's office and the Metro Health Department decided to keep it secret.

Emails between the mayor's senior advisor and the health department reveal only a partial picture. But what they reveal is disturbing.

The discussion involves the low number of coronavirus cases emerging from bars and restaurants and how to handle that.

And most disturbingly, how to keep it from the public.

On June 30th, contact tracing was given a small view of coronavirus clusters. Construction and nursing homes were found to be causing problems with more than a thousand cases traced to each category, but bars and restaurants reported just 22 cases.

Leslie Waller from the health department asks, 'This isn't going to be publicly released, right? Just info for Mayor's Office?”

'Correct, not for public consumption,' writes senior advisor Benjamin Eagles.

Just a month later, the city was only able to trace about 80 cases — 80 — to bars and restaurants.

“They are fabricating information,” City Councilman Steve Glover said. “They've blown their entire credibility… It’s gone, I don't trust a thing they say going forward …nothing.”

If we owned a bar or restaurant in Music City that was impacted or put out of business by the insane ‘non-essential business’ policy, those emails would become Exhibit A in our lawsuit.

And Democrats wonder why no one believes their COVID fear porn.

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