If you ever wanted to know just HOW social media censors conservative content, give this young man a listen

One of the most informative lessons on social media censorship you'll find

By Jon Dougherty @TheNatSent

(TNS) A few weeks ago, we introduced our readers to young Sam Gerstman, who made a video explaining the Second Amendment like a boss.

We noted:

Sam’s obviously done his homework.

At 15, he knows more about the Second Amendment and its origins than most. And when it comes to exposing the Left’s gun control agenda, his spot-on presentation of facts, figures, and common sense you seldom see in young adults destroys their pathetic, politicized positions.

Now, young Gerstmann returns with a quick video explaining in great detail how Leftists at the social media giant Instagram, a Facebook property, manages to censor information posted by conservatives that is “fact-checked” by another organization that has a problem with conservatives — and facts — Politifact.

“Instagram and big tech’s censorship is an often underestimated problem that affects anyone who social media companies don’t like. In this video, I outline how Instagram tried to censor content I’ve posted simply because of my ideology. Republicans, conservatives, and right-wingers (and even liberals who understand the dangers of censorship) all have to work together to end practices that these companies use,” Gerstman notes.

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Again, this is a well-researched presentation providing a wealth of information about how these companies that have pledged to be ‘open to all ideas’ really aren’tand how they also work in tandem with other organizations that are allegedly ‘unbiased outside parties’ to keep you from learning the truth.

Give him a few minutes of your day to become better informed about a serious problem that should never, ever happen in the United States: Corporate-sponsored censorship. And to never miss a future vid, make sure you subscribe to his YouTube channel as well.


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.50cal / Hunt down the pedofaggots!
.50cal / Hunt down the pedofaggots!

He’s not a faggot assclown. Naturally the left hate bim. He’d probably shoot a pedo if they tried shit.

Attaboy, Sam. Keep up the good work.



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