By Duncan Smith

Leftists are so out of their minds over President Trump’s selection of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to succeed the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Naturally, the attacks began immediately after Trump named her because reports had circulated that she was going to be his choice.

But instead of attacking her judicial record, Democrats and their far-left stoolies in the media and academia have chosen baseless allegations and outrageous character assassinations because…they can’t attack her on her record.

Case in point: That left-wing lunatic and race hustler Ibram X Kendi (born Henry Rogers); he just labeled Barrett a “white colonizer” for the sin of adopting two black children.

Not even kidding.

Just read this racist ignorance:

What’s disgusting is that this fool actually believes he’s not the racist — that Barrett somehow is (and a ‘colonizer’) because she and her family made a decision to give love and a better life to two black kids.

He is so obsessed with skin color, as he makes obvious in this and many other posts, which in and of itself is the very definition of being a racist.

What’s worse is that he presumes to know what is in the hearts of minds of people he doesn’t know and has never spent any time getting to know. He makes a generalized assumption about them based on the color of their skin — which he would never tolerate (nor should he) if the shoe was on the other foot.

People who claim ‘America still has a long way to go to heal racial divisions’ are right — has Henry Rogers, a.k.a. Ibram X Kendi, proves.

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