Proof that California liberals can’t stand the idiot laws passed by the Democrats they keep electing (Video)

(TNS) Not every police officer is honest, we get that, but the vast majority of them are and thank God for that because if they didn’t man the thin blue line on a daily basis, society would collapse overnight and there would be hell to pay for American citizens, especially those living in our biggest cities.

We are especially mindful of how difficult it must be to be a police officer in a deep blue state like California, where the Garbage Party has complete authority to pass laws so pointless and dumb that even the Left-wing sycophants who continue to put them in power don’t understand them.

In the video below, a hipster is giving a cop hell because he doesn’t understand why it’s illegal for him to eat a breakfast sandwich on a subway platform.

The officer repeatedly tries to inform him that it’s “against California law.”

Mind you, the cop didn’t make the law. He didn’t pass the law. He’s just there to enforce the law. No matter how stupid it may seem to citizens.

But that point is obviously lost on the hipster and the girl with him, who, of course, has to video the encounter for posterity.


We have no idea why Democrats passed this law. We don’t even care because … California.

What we aim to do by posting this story is try to reach hipsters and others who live in the Golden State to try to think critically for a moment and understand that laws, ordinances, and rules are put in place by the people they elect to ‘serve’ them.

And because the Garbage Party owns the state, we have to point out that Democrats are the ones passing these goofy laws.

So if this hipster and others are ticked off at the laws being passed, don’t take it out on the police officers charged with enforcing those laws.

Maybe you should change your representatives. Maybe you should change political parties.

Continuing to do the same thing over and over again — voting for the same lunatics — while expecting a different result is the textbook definition of insanity.

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“Proof that California lib-tards can’t stand the idiot laws passed by the Democrats they keep electing”? So, then WHO exactly, ARE the ACTUAL IDIOTS?


The cop isn’t a olde fashioned peace officer. He’s a police officer, a policy enforcement officer whose job is to bring in revenue from those who do not follow the inane buelsheit “laws” passed by legislators. People need to realize this.


Yep — you nailed it with Klownofornia being ” ground zero for the idiocracy.”

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