By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) Mike Bloomberg, the multi-billionaire founder of the financial news network bearing his name, is a real piece of work.

Actually, he’s a piece of something else we can’t say here but are nonetheless certain readers know what we mean.

You may have heard that this guy, former NYC hizonner, just gifted the Democratic National Committee with $18 million.

Now mind you, we have campaign finance laws, so the crafty shady Bloomberg didn’t just write the DNC a check, oh no. He ‘transferred’ it from his now-defunct presidential campaign.

But wait…didn’t Mikey self-finance his campaign? Why, yes…yes he did. So this really just seems like a flat-out illegal donation. So much so even the reliably Left-wing POLITICO had trouble buying it:

Mike Bloomberg is sending $18 million from his defunct presidential campaign to the Democratic National Committee, a dramatic investment in the national party that appears to push the boundaries of campaign finance law.  …

Bloomberg would not be able to give the DNC such a massive sum of money as a regular donor. But presidential candidates are allowed to transfer unlimited amounts to their national party committee — though usually those candidates have raised the money from donors operating under campaign finance limits. Bloomberg self-funded his whole presidential campaign from his personal fortune.

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And yet, he just did. ‘Push the boundaries’ indeed.

There’s more. When Bloomberg was putting together his campaign, he promised workers he’d retain them through November.

Er, but, as POLITICO adds:

A press release accompanying the memo said that staff in six battleground states will be “employed and paid” through the first week in April and have “full benefits” through the end of that month.

Well, April’s not quite November, is it? Besides being out of a job they were promised, these same soon-to-be-ex-employees are also going to be sans health insurance right as the country deals with the coronavirus pandemic.

What a guy, this Bloomberg.

Yes, pretty much.

Probably, or something closer to just a straight-up massively illegal contribution. Perhaps President Trump should call the Federal Election Commission and, say, put a bug in the commissioners’ ears.

Well, it’s how Mike Bloomberg treats people.

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We’re pretty sure that’s not all these ex-employees said. We’re pretty sure they had some choice words for their former candidate/boss, too.

And speaking of that coronavirus pandemic…

It sure would.


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