The NY Times exposes real reason behind coronavirus hype: Crash the market to harm Trump’s reelection chances

We have words to describe the people behind all this but we won't publish them

By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) For Americans who see the Democrat Left behind the over-hyped media coverage and societal reactions to the coronavirus ‘pandemic,’ The New York Times, God bless ’em, just proved those suspicions correct.

And wouldn’t you know it, the strategy is a familiar one: Use a manufactured crisis to get rid of President Donald Trump.

Oh, true, coronavirus is real enough, But given it’s so-far minuscule infection rate in the U.S. (1,600 or so), death rate (~40), and the fact that more than half of patients infected by the disease globally have already recovered, there is no reason to shutter professional sports seasons or declare states of emergency when you have a single case of the virus in your state.

Not at this point. Yet, those things — and more, including bans on public gatherings — have happened.

Why? Think November 2020.

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Under the headline, “Trump’s Re-election Chances Suddenly Look Shakier,” the Times reports:

President Trump faces the biggest challenge yet to his prospects of being re-elected, with his advisers’ two major assumptions for the campaign — a booming economy and an opponent easily vilified as too far left — quickly evaporating.

After a year in which Mr. Trump has told voters that they must support his re-election or risk watching the economy decline, the stock market is reeling and economists are warning that a recession could be on the horizon because of the worsening spread of the coronavirus.

And instead of elevating Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, as Mr. Trump made clear was his hope, Democrats have suddenly and decisively swung from a flirtation with socialism to former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., who has run a primary campaign centered on a return to political normalcy.

“Biden’s success in the suburbs makes him an acceptable alternative to Trump,” said Scott Reed, the top political adviser for the United States Chamber of Commerce. “His turnout in the suburbs threatens the Republican Senate.”

Said Kevin DeWine, the former chairman of the Ohio Republican Party, to the Times — and this is telling: “If it was Warren or Bernie and you don’t have coronavirus, I think Trump might sneak by. But if it’s Biden, ‘My I.R.A. has tanked,’ and we’re going to have complete disruption because of coronavirus, I think it’s a totally different story.”

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The Times concedes:

Of course, what happens in March may ultimately have little bearing in November. Mr. Trump maintains the bully pulpit of the presidency, and Mr. Biden largely avoided intense scrutiny from rivals in a crowded, up-and-down primary campaign.

And if there’s any constant in the Trump era, it is that what’s in the news at a given moment will change in a matter of hours, days or at most weeks. The virus may be mitigated, the economy could rebound, and Mr. Biden’s decades of life in Washington and propensity for gaffes may render him as weak a candidate as some of his rivals in the primary had long predicted.

Yet if Mr. Trump does lose re-election, the seeds of demise may prove to have been planted in early spring.

There is no way Joe “Gaffe” Biden has a shot in Hades against Trump this fall unless certain economic and social conditions occur. Or are exploited thanks to the timely occurrence of events.

We didn’t figure it would be long before the real intention behind all the sports cancellations, states of emergencies declared by Democratic governors, and outsized Democratic congressional responses to a so-far limited viral outbreak — not to mention the asinine tanking of the stock market — were revealed.

And the Times didn’t let us down.

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Consider — and this should anger every single American who has their retirement savings wrapped up in investment vehicles and 401(k) accounts: The Democratic Left is proving beyond any doubt they are willing to burn down your savings and your future just to get a short-term political victory.

We have words for people like that but we won’t publish them.


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Judy Abbott
Judy Abbott

I would call them A - *oles.


Bunch of simpering sodomites and dolts. The density in population around that shithole (NYT) should exacerbate the rate of infection. Also, the virus is spread from buttsex, so that is twice as many chances for the NYT nebbishes to get kung-flu bunghole.

There’s always a silver lining.


The press S U C K S and is the real enemy of the American people.

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