If you wanted to know what it will take to reopen our economy, a group of experts has listed four things

The president is pulling for sooner rather than later

White House Coronavirus Task Force Response Coordinator Deborah Birx answers a reporter’s question during the coronavirus update briefing Saturday, April 4, 2020, in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks)

By Jon Dougherty @TheNatSent

(TNS) As anxious Americans enter into a month of government-imposed isolation, millions have lost jobs and have seen their lives turned upside down by coronavirus.

And now, as we near a month of social-distancing restrictions and business closures, many have begun to ask: When does it all end?

How does it all end?

A group of experts has provided some answers to those questions — four of them, in fact — though it must be said that they are not members of Trump administration.

The UK Daily Mail reports:

Rather than pick dates from the calendar for when the US should reopen, former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb and his team of experts put together a report indicating what milestones US states need to hit that will indicate it’s time for life to resume normalcy. 

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One thing the team insists on: The US must open on a state-by-state basis. 

There is no one date that fits all states for returning to some semblance of standard operation. 

States’ rates of coronavirus cases and spread vary wildly, and why some states may be nearing the apexes of their coronavirus epidemics, the crisis has only just begun in others. 

Here are the four requirements:

— Hospitals must be able to safely treat all patients who must be hospitalized.

Right now, in many parts of the country, hospitals are anywhere from one-third to three-quarters empty because they have discharged as many as possible to make room while halting elective and non-essential surgeries. So they won’t have any trouble meeting this objective because they are obviously located in regions where there aren’t many coronavirus patients needing to be hospitalized.

And there is this: The models predicting massive numbers of hospital beds required to treat all of the expected virus patients have been wildly overexaggerated.

— 14 days of falling coronavirus infection numbers.

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The Daily Mail notes: Fourteen is a crucial number in the coronavirus pandemic, because that’s about how long scientists estimate the virus can lie dormant without triggering symptoms.

“To guard against the risk that large outbreaks or epidemic spread could reignite once we lift our initial efforts to “slow the spread,” the trigger for a move to Phase II’ - a gradual return to normal life - ‘should be when a state reports a sustained reduction in cases for at least 14 days,” Gottlieb and his colleagues write.

Cases are declining at the virus epicenter — New York City — but they are rising elsewhere.

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— States need to be able to test everyone who has symptoms.

The president said this week that “millions” of new tests are being made available and that there will be plenty by mid-month.

As of Tuesday, some 1.6 million Americans in total have been tested for coronavirus.

“We estimate that a national capacity of at least 750,000 tests per week would be sufficient to move to case-based interventions when paired with sufficient capacity in supportive public-health infrastructure (e.g., contact tracing),” said Gottlieb’s team.

— States must be able to sufficiently monitor confirmed COVID-19 cases.

This may be the most difficult of the requirements — but also one of the most unnecessary.

Yes, infected persons can infect others, especially vulnerable populations. But self-isolation is the best remedy, and states will likely never have all of the resources needed to monitor every one of their citizens.

Time will tell. Trump wants America reopened ASAP. It needs to be.


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Is this the same group of geniuses that shut the economy down ???
Oh, goody ! This should be fun.
Actually, screw them. Just use common sense and get out there and make money. Let’s roll.


My husband is one who could continue to work from home and in the field as needed. Our health insurance continued as well as his paycheck. There are others who continued to work, the grocery, pharmacy, and truckers to deliver all those things continued to work. The section most affected are the ones who depend on tips to survive. The restaurant worker, hairdresser and others that deal with people directly other than the nurses and doctors and other care givers that also did not stop. These checks to go to all who had a tax form last year makes no… Read more »

George C

Money is to the nation as blood is to the body. When the blood stops circulating the body dies. It’s the same with the country, when the money stops circulating, the country dies. We must keep working to keep the money working, or our nation dies a slow agonizing death.


Who are these “experts”? Open up the economy NOW or own the repercussions.


Open Sesame!

Get rid of subversives in the media. Birx and Fauci are dirtbags!


Not ONE mention of the most effective measure for not spreading the virus: MASKS!

Wow… all you need is some triple folded cotton or any of the hundreds of methods on the web for making even better masks than just plain cotton. But even a bandana stops the spread of viral containing particles to a great extent

Finally, Some Good News: If You Want To Reopen Our Economy, These 4 Things Must Happen | News Pushed

[…] By Jon Dougherty/The National Sentinel […]

Don Easley
Don Easley

Land of the free my butt! Go back to work, open your business, we tell the government! If a segment of society is scared of their own shadows then they are free to hide in their caves forever if they wish as for the rest of us we need to get back to what has always been a very risky business and that is life!

Police Are Busier Than Ever Due To

.. An Obama wannabe’s advice that hoodlums/Dems chill out and take a break from being really cool while committing crime.


Red chinkos and deep state farm people for meat. I put up a link two months ago. Now qmap.pub is running with it.

Zuckerbergswine’s wife’s sister may be one of the personnel on the cannibalclub.org site.

That’s what the folks are saying.

God saves us!

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