James Hanson, former U.S. Army officer, destroys Lib media (especially Max Boot) for defending ISIS leader al-Baghdadi

(TNS) If ever there was an organization that represented a huge boil on the ass of humanity, it was ISIS, that short-lived pretend “caliphate” populated by sadistic Islamic extremists.

Of course, an organization like this always mirrors its leadership, and ISIS was, until just a few days ago, led by the most sadistic cock bone smoker of them all, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Killing his ass was the best thing President Trump could have done for the entire planet, not just Americans.

But of course, the only motherfuckers who don’t think so are American Leftists, Garbage Party politicians, and their douchebag allies in the “mainstream” media.

The buffoonery that passes for reasoned thought and analysis among the mainstream media is a never-ending clown show and it always has been.

But these days, it’s peppered with Trump Derangement Syndrome, a condition that reflexively causes one to have everything our president says and does, no matter how good for Americans and the world.

Like that douche nozzle Max Boot.

This prick has TDS so badly he dared to praise the ‘courage’ of al-Baghdadi who, as former U.S. Army Capt. James Hanson reminds us, died running like a bitch and hiding behind three of his kids.

Yeah, what a ‘man,’ huh Boot? Scumbag.

ISIS — that organization of humanitarians who beheaded Christians, chained people inside cages before soaking them with gas and lighting them on fire, and who sexually abused children. That’s who Boot is defending when he defended their leader.

Al-Baghdadi is to real men what those idiot pink pussy hats are to real women.

Ditto for the dogshit mainstream media.

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Libs are oikophobic imbeciles. I look at them all the same way I look at a Charlie Manson type of psychopath —with contempt and disgust.

Don’t spend money with any liberals. Bankrupt them, so they die in poverty. Always wear your firearm and MAGA hat. Be prepared to ventilate subversive traitors!

Don’t forget that Homobama and his band off assfaggots purchased 30,000 guillotines, and revamped 800 FEMA camps. Had Hitlery won, Christian Conservative Genocide would be well under way. Look it up. Keep praying for President Trump and his team to prosecute and execute traitors.


The picture with the islamo-heathens in sneakers and pedo-pajamas reminds me of the CNN newsroom.

Sodomites and homopedos.

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