By Duncan Smith

Americans who aren’t sound asleep or offended by every single thing someone says or does is aware that our largest cities are becoming more dangerous.

And they know why: Left-wing Democrat ‘woke’ policies.

The chaos, by the way, is not happenstance.

Those policies are being implemented by politicians, prosecutors, and district attorneys backed by Marxists like billionaire George Soros, a walking, talking piece of hypocritical [bleep] who preys on capitalism like the sewer rat that he is while at the same time trying to destroy the one country that thrives on it: The U.S.

Soros figured out the best way to collapse our system is to do it from within.

Attack our culture. Attack our society. Attack our institutions.

Claim they’re unfair. Claim they’re racist. Claim they’re inequitable. Claim they’re irreparable as they currently exist.

Then ‘install’ people who will implement policies that are specifically designed to destroy the system.

And it’s working. That’s why our cities are becoming more and more dangerous.

But lucky for us, the good guys and gals are taking notice. And they’re preparing to take our system back from these hand-picked Marxist city destroyers. And maybe they’ll eventually get to Soros himself.

One of them is former Philly cop Nick Gerace.

The Washington Times reports:

The Philadelphia Police Department hired him when he was 19 years old and swore him at 20. He never envisioned a day when he would find himself at odds with the city's law-and-order institutions, but that's where he is.

Mr. Gerace, 42, is off the beat and is serving as president and treasurer of Protect Our Police PAC, a fledgling organization that has one goal: to oust the district attorneys who took office with campaigns bankrolled by the political action committees of billionaire liberal activist George Soros.

The DAs, Mr. Gerace said, have instituted radical agendas that seek fewer prosecutions and less incarceration in cities such as Philadelphia, Los Angeles and St. Louis.

These cities have reported soaring homicide and shooting rates. Philadelphia, under Soros-backed District Attorney Larry Krasner, also endured considerable violence and damage during scattered protests in 2020.

'You can look at every city that has a George Soros-appointed DA, and it's utter chaos,' Mr. Gerace said. 'It's a complete breakdown of the system, and it's exactly what Larry Krasner was put in office to do. He's doing exactly what he wants to do. In his eyes, he's successful. In the eyes of normal people, he's a failure and a fraud.'

The Times has more — and this is key:

Most of the bloodshed in Philadelphia has been that of its Black residents, the very people Mr. Krasner claims to champion, Mr. Gerace said.

In 2017, the year before Mr. Krasner took office, 79% of Philadelphia's homicide victims were Black, according to crime statistics. In 2020, when homicides jumped 40% from the previous year to a near-record 499, 86% of the victims were Black.

Blacks also were disproportionately victims in shootings last year. While Blacks comprise roughly 44% of the city's population, 84% of the victims in Philadelphia's 2,236 shootings were Black, according to police figures.

In other words, more people are being killed and shot, and more of them are Black, than at any other point in the 21st century. Mr. Gerace reminds people that it has happened under Mr. Krasner's regime.

One of the biggest lies is that these Marxist culture warriors give a damn about disadvantaged people. They don’t. They don’t give a damn about anyone; they just pretend to care about the disadvantaged so they’ll keep voting for their own destruction. It’s obscene. But it’s true.

The fact is, more Americans don’t step up like this guy, our greatest cities will become our biggest liabilities as thugs lay waste to what remains of them.

The time for sitting on the sidelines is over.

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