NY Times dumpster fire: Columnist claims ‘two big lies about Trump’ include ‘the people elected him’ and ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’

(TNS) You really have to hand it to the perpetually triggered “journalists” at The New York Times: They take the phrase, “it’s your world, I’m just living in it,” to heart.

But that’s what chronic Trump Derangement Syndrome does to you. It puts you in a different ‘reality’ and makes you think that what you believe about the president is true when it fact, it’s all fabrication.

Kind of like being in a never-ending “Matrix” film.

NYTimes writer Michelle Goldberg demonstrated this phenomenon once again last week in a column where she made two of the most absurd and demonstrably false claims about President Trump and our constitutional system of government that you’ll ever see in a single article.

She begins:

There are two very big lies that Donald Trump and his sycophants have used, through aggressive, bombastic repetition, to shape the public debate about impeachment, and about Trump’s legitimacy more broadly.

The first big lie is that “the people” elected Trump, and that the constitutional provision of impeachment would invalidate their choice. In fact, Trump is president only because a constitutional provision invalidated the choice of the American people. Trump lost the popular vote and might have lost the Electoral College without Russian interference, and yet many Democrats and pundits have been bullied into accepting the fiction that he has democratic, and not just constitutional, legitimacy.

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The second big lie is that Russia didn’t help elect Trump, and that the president has been absolved of collusion. It’s true that the report by Robert Mueller, the former special counsel, did not find enough evidence to prove a criminal conspiracy between Trump’s campaign and Russian state actors. But the Mueller report found abundant evidence that the campaign sought Russian help, benefited from that help and obstructed the F.B.I. investigation into Russian actions. His investigation resulted in felony convictions for Trump’s former campaign chairman, deputy campaign chairman, personal lawyer, first national security adviser, and longtime political adviser, among others.

If we didn’t know any better, we’d swear that Hillary Clinton wrote this fiction.

Yes, “the people” did indeed elect the president. The Electoral College isn’t just some vague “constitutional provision” that can be celebrated when a Democrat wins the presidency but discounted when a Republican wins, especially a non-traditional Republican like Donald Trump.

And there is zero evidence that “Russian interference” led to the president’s electoral victory. This claim is so dumb and so baseless we think we may have lost some IQ points just reading it.

As for being “bullied into accepting” Trump’s presidency, reality has a way of doing that — dragging TDS victims like Goldberg and her readers out of the Matrix and back into reality.

Robert Mueller was specific that there was no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, and why not? It was a complete fabrication from the outset or, as fired FBI counterintelligence official Peter Strzok referred to it, an “insurance policy” in case Trump won.

There was no evidence in the Mueller report that the Trump campaign “sought Russian help, benefitted from that help, and obstructed the FBI investigation into Russia actions.”


In fact, the Trump White House cooperated with Mueller’s probe in an unprecedented manner, providing officials for testimony, documents, and other requested materials. Unprecedented cooperation cannot even come remotely close to “obstruction.” And if Mueller had clear-cut evidence of anything improper and illegal, he would have said so.

But the point here, mostly, isn’t to ridicule stupidity.

It’s to note the dangerous nature of “mainstream journalism” today: Hating a president to the point of believing some of the most obvious nonsense.

That is divisive, damaging, and destructive to the body politic in general, as well as the social fabric of the country. But it isn’t journalism.

This example goes to the heart of why Trump describes these hacks as “enemies of the people.”

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