Jesse Watters reveals new truths about Biden, Ukraine, as deep state panics over Trump’s ongoing probes (Video)

(NationalSentinel) The Garbage Party and their Marxist media hyenas are continuing to beat the drum of impeachment and are doing everything they can to make it look like a “bipartisan effort.”

But like the charges against the president — “Ukrainegate” was a quid pro quo aimed at getting Kiev to provide him with “political dirt” on Joe and Hunter Biden — the push to impeach is built on a steaming tower of bullshit.

And the problem is, for them anyway — they know the allegations are crap.

The Democrats and their seditious RINO enablers like that fucktard loser Mitt Romney (Utah — what are you doing to recall this guy?) are putting on a great dog-and-pony show with the public, trying to convince us that President Trump is unworthy of his office, corrupt, authoritarian, and on the brink of turning our republic into a nightmarish autocratic hell on earth.

Jesus — how many times have we heard the Garbage Party and never-Trump RINOs say that shit?

Oh, about a thousand since Trump was inaugurated in January 2017 if we’ve heard it once.

What’s different this time is that there is a distinct air of desperation in the voices of those pleading with us to believe them, just this once, that Trump really does need to be removed from office — though he’s done nothing wrong and certainly hasn’t done what they are accusing him of doing.

No, the guilty party here are the Bidens, and Fox News’ Jesse Watters is all over it.

As the impeachment drumbeat grows louder and more frantic, Watters is playing the role of real journalist in uncovering serial lies from Joe Biden and other new, important information regarding Burisma, the Ukrainian gas company that bought Joe Biden the VP by purchasing his son, Hunter, for $250,000-plus a month, and Ukrainian prosecutors — the one Biden had fired and the one he had installed to look the other way regarding Burisma corruption.

While others on Fox News have abandoned the network’s “fair and balanced” creed in order to pretend, like their dogshit Washington establishment media buds, that “Ukrainegate” is real and that Trump is guilty…of something…Watters is sticking to facts and giving them to us unvarnished and straight.

Like journalists with balls are supposed to do.

Lots of new details here, including info on the Clinton Foundation and Paul Manafort.


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If the RINOS and DemocRATS impeach Trump there will be a serious revolutionary purge of globalists in this country!

Watters reveals new truths about Biden, Ukraine, as deep state panics over Trump’s ongoing probes | Headline of the Day
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