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Garbage American media doing the work of Communist China with lie after lie about POTUS Trump’s latest tariffs

By Jon Dougherty

While many Democrats continue to push the lie that POTUS Donald Trump is a stooge of Russia their allies in the garbage American media are serving as propaganda mouthpieces for Communist China.

On Monday, the Left-wing establishment press peppered the airwaves with one fabrication after another regarding the effect of POTUS Donald Trump’s latest round of tariffs on $200 billion worth of imported goods from China as a way of finally leveling the trade playing field between both countries that has long favored Beijing, and heavily.

In the process, these same propagandists finally came clean about the effect of tax increases on American consumers that their Democratic friends constantly seek.

First things first. The media hyped the fact that the stock market is having a bad day today, with the Dow Jones off by about 600 points as of this writing. That’s patently ridiculous, given that China’s tariff “retaliation,” which Beijing announced on Monday, only amounts to a paltry $60 billion. And it’s paltry because China imports so little American goods in the first place (a key point to remember).

CNN, as usual, led the way for the media propagandists. In a piece explaining that tariffs act like taxes — that is, they can raise the price of goods — the network claimed that the “average American” could pay $800 more per year for Chinese-made products. No indication as to how the network mathematicians came up with that figure, but it, too, is minuscule (less than $2.20 per day).

That in and of itself is noteworthy because the same garbage media that has lied about the tax cuts enacted by POTUS Trump and Republicans (claiming, fantastically, that they would cost Americans money, not save us money) are now being honest about the effects of a tariff — because they see an opportunity to hurt the president.

Where were these same outlets when Democrats propose tax increases (tariffs are a tax on incoming goods, by the way)? Where were they when Democrats proposed forcing businesses to pay higher wages to employees (which is an employment tax, essentially, that gets passed onto consumers)? Why don’t they discuss the economic impact of all the regulations Democrats want to foist on American businesses, which are then passed along to consumers? Where were they in explaining how Obamacare’s mandates have led to higher prices in the healthcare market?

CNN wants to talk about ‘Trump’s tariffs’ costing Americans about $800 more a year; why didn’t the network report that his and Republicans’ tax cuts saved Americans an average of double that amount or more or more each year?

No. Now that the president is trying to fix a lousy trade situation between our country and China, the garbage media takes on its traditional role of Trump/America basher to the detriment of our people and to the advantage of the Chinese. What better propaganda could Beijing ask for?

As for the tariffs, master economist Stephen Moore wrote in The Hill on Sunday that while he’s a free trader who hates tariffs (taxes on goods), what POTUS Trump is doing is exactly right and long overdue:

I’m a free trader, and I hate tariffs — which are consumer taxes — but if ever there was a right time to impose punitive tariffs, it is now, and it is against China. President Trump is on the side of the angels on this one, and this is the right moment to shut down China’s abusive trade practices forever.

Start with the basic facts: The average tariff that we imposed on China when Trump entered the White House was about 4 percent. China’s tariffs on us were about 10 percent, and, even when including the 10 percent tariff that Trump first imposed on $200 billion worth of Chinese imports in 2018, our tariffs were still lower than theirs. So the playing field is not level and is especially tilted against us given that Beijing’s non-tariff barriers in China can make it prohibitively expensive to do business there. We have an open market competing against the world’s second-largest economy whose doors are slammed shut.

Doctrinaire free traders should understand that this status quo is economically and politically untenable going forward. Trade can’t be a one-way street, and something has to give here. That means immediate reforms in China’s mercantilist economic behavior — on tariffs, on other trade barriers, on theft of intellectual property and on cyber espionage against America. We aren’t dealing with a friendly power here but with an increasingly hostile one that has become an existential threat.

Trump’s strategy is to hit its vulnerable economy hard with tariffs and strong-arm Beijing into giving American companies and products greater access to Chinese markets. There is not one demand that Trump is making of China’s President Xi Jinping that is unreasonable. The free traders should recognize that if the Trump tariffs work — and this is a dangerous game, admittedly — we will have freer trade at the end of the day.

He notes further that China’s is an export-based economy — and guess where the bulk of those exports come? The United States. As such, we have tremendous power over the Chinese economy that, frankly, no American president prior to Trump has wielded.

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Moore also notes — to CNN and the rest of the Left-wing, anti-Trump, pro-Beijing establishment media:

Even the widespread complaint that the cost of these tariffs will be borne by American consumers may be exaggerated. The last round of tariffs at 10 percent had minimal impact on import prices — suggesting that Chinese companies absorbed the tariffs out of their profits rather than raising prices on goods sold at Walmart. The Chinese swallowed much of the cost themselves.

It’s bad enough that our own press lies about how Democrat economic measures including tax hikes, mandated wage increases, and piles of regulations have a negative effect on American consumers.

It’s worse when they behave like Beijing’s Propaganda Ministry.

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1 Comment on Garbage American media doing the work of Communist China with lie after lie about POTUS Trump’s latest tariffs

  1. The Great Leap Forward // May 13, 2021 at 2:48 pm // Reply

    I’m not surprised that the Bolshevik press has a Teen Vogue crush on communist China.
    They want America to be a utopian paradise of rickshaw carts and bicycles full of happy obedient workers contributing to the good of the collective.

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