By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) Hundreds of illegal immigrants, mostly from Africa, stormed France’s Pantheon on Friday demanding rights of citizens, legal documents and paperwork, housing, and jobs — for free, of course.

“We will remain here until the last one of us has been given documents,” a leaflet said, according to Reuters.

As the Washington Examiner reported:

Police estimate 200 to 300 so-called “black vests” swarmed the national monument, demanding the French government give them legal papers and provide housing to those migrants that are homeless. Another estimate put the number of protesters around 600 to 800.

The majority of demonstrators are in France illegally and hail from West Africa. They named themselves after the “yellow vest” protests that began in late 2018 over a dramatic rise in gasoline and fuel taxes as a means of providing funds for the “Paris Accords” global warming/climate change hoax. The protests spread into 2019; French President Emmanuel Macron eventually relented.

The black vest demonstrators entered the Pantheon’s Left Bank mausoleum where several French national heroes are laid to rest.

“We, immigrants without papers, residents of shelters and of the streets, occupy the Panthéon, the graves of your great citizens … to demand the Prime Minister give papers to all undocumented migrants in France,” the leaflet said.

French police moved on the demonstrators and ushered them out of the building. Some arrests were made after two groups clashed, with local reporters claiming that some people were injured.

Americans who have traveled to France and, specifically, Paris recently report that entire sections of the city are essentially lost to migrant groups. There are regions of the city where police don’t travel because it is too dangerous.

France is losing its capital city if it hasn’t lost Paris already. Migrants angry over a lack of progress in their lives after essentially breaking into the country are now growing restive to the point where they are willing to engage in acts of social disruption in order to force the government (and French taxpayers) to provide them with freebies.

What happens when the freebies don’t come fast enough or at all? And what happens when the hordes of migrants streaming illegally into the U.S. and their Left-wing enablers (Antifa comes to mind) begin similar actions on our streets and in our cities?

Many believe those days are nearing.

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