By Duncan Smith

We among others tried to warn voters ahead of the November election that if Democrats won it all they would come for our guns.

We saw the storm on the horizon: The Democrat Party has become the American Terrorist Party and we knew they would use every lever of power, authorized and unauthorized, constitutional and unconstitutional, to impose their will and set themselves up for perpetual rule.

We’ve seen, thus far:

— A push to pack the Supreme Court with Marxist ideologues;

— A push to make D.C. a state so the American Terrorists can have two more senators and permanent control of the Senate

— A push to have the federal government take over all elections so they can export blue state ‘ballot harvesting’ and cheating nationwide

And now…they’re making a move for our guns because they know they have to get those if they really want to rule without meaningful opposition.

Breitbart News reports:

Clinton-Obama official Steven Simon is urging President Joe Biden to designate gun control a 'national security imperative' in order to get it through Congress.

Politico published an op-ed written by Simon and Jonathan Stevenson, who served as the National Security Council's 'director for political-military affairs' for roughly two years during the Obama administration.

The central point of the op-ed is to urge Biden to reframe gun control in a way that puts the onus on Congress.

In the op-ed Simon wrote:

We share Biden's view that the level of U.S. gun violence is a 'national embarrassment.' But as National Security Council veterans who have specialized in counterterrorism—with direct experience involving far-right American terrorism, burgeoning jihadism, and Northern Irish extremism in the 1990s—we also see a new threat rising, one that has the potential to change the urgency of the debate: the growing, and heavily armed, American militia movement, which made a show of force on January 6.

Increasingly, as militias acquire and stockpile weapons, they're turning guns from a public-health concern into a threat to national security. And it's possible that if proponents of reform—including advocacy groups, congressional leaders and Biden—began addressing it that way, they'd have a chance of energizing the debate against the National Rifle Association and its allies.

He added later:

Generating bipartisan consensus for an effective crackdown on firearms will always be difficult. While gun control is now unlikely to lose existing supporters, it is also unlikely to win many new ones. But reframing the issue as a national security imperative could galvanize passive backers now focused by the assault on the Capitol on maintaining political stability in the United States.

What a liar.

First of all, there is a growing left-wing armed extremist movement occurring in America. The Socialist Rifle Association and John Brown Gun Club groups have sprung up around the country and they are Marxist/anarchist in nature.

Secondly, there has never been a level of organized violence in American on the level of Northern Ireland (IRA) violence since the Civil War. In fact, trying to claim that gun violence is a national security threat to get guns away from Americans would likely generate the kind of violence seen in Northern Ireland for decades.

Third, and let’s be clear: If Biden’s handlers reframe gun violence as a ‘national security threat,’ he can implement measures via executive order — or try to, anyway. That’s what this is really about.

Things are going to get ugly in America, folks. That’s just true.

These maniac Democrats will not rest until they push roughly half the country into a conflict they think they can win.

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