Seeing how disgustingly bad CNN has behaved in ONE week of coronavirus coverage explains network’s pathetic ratings

The conga line of clowns, hacks, and morons at this network is endless

By Tank Murdoch @TheNatSent

(TNS) While CNN was a discredited laughingstock even before the Trump presidency, the fake news factory has gotten even worse in the Age of Trump.

Every host, editor, and correspondent is so afflicted with #OrangeManBad Trump Derangement Syndrome it’s got to be a job requirement. There is no other explanation.

What’s surprising is that no one seems to care. The network is obviously generating revenues because it manages to remain on the air, but it does so despite bottom-dweller viewership. You might think at some point — just out of vanity — its journalists would want to be watched and read and even believed by more than just a handful of equally Trump-deranged sycophants.

But apparently Left-wing activism and water-carrying for the Democratic Party is more important.

That said, this past week of coronavirus coverage by the network has been especially egregious. False innuendo, outright lies, and abject fakery are the only ways to describe the journalistic malpractice, as documented by BizPac Review.

Here’s a smattering:

Below is an example of CNN lying “by insinuation”:

The president may be about to recommend changes to his initial 15-day guidelines to help stop the spread of coronavirus, but he hasn’t done so yet. And anyway, Barack Obama isn’t the president anymore. Besides, it took the god king something like six months to declare an emergency during the Swine flu outbreak, so there’s that.

Below is an example of CNN just outright lying:

Below is an example of CNN trashing Trump but praising New York. Gov. Andrew Cuomo for their shared optimism about chloroquine, a possible coronavirus cure:

What an absolute moron Brian Stelter is.

Survival Legion Tee — $25.99

Below is an example of CNN purposefully ignoring those parts of the White House’s coronavirus briefings which run against their #OrangeManBad narrative:

Below is an example of CNN trying “to manufacture an issue out of Trump and others touching the same microphone”:

And below are multiple examples of CNN spouting Chinese propaganda by falsely claiming that the labeling of the coronavirus as the “Chinese Wuhan” coronavirus is racist:

Update 1: The Wuhan coronavirus originated in…China.

Update 2: China’s Communist government has launched a propaganda campaign to shift blame away from them for the virus’ spread. Even Leftists at The Atlantic know that.

Guess who’s helping them spread it?



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Christian Gains
Christian Gains

Haven’t even considered paying ANY ATTENTION to ANYTHING that the infamous & worthless “Commie Noting NOTHING” but cheating / lying / disgusting distraction, from TRUTH & REALITY group!!! BEWARE! They ARE IMMORAL!


When the cnn cast of characters aren’t peddling lies, they’re picking the peasants out of their teeth at their favorite foodie spot —


Nobody is traveling, and won’t be watching cnn at the airport.

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