Limbaugh is right: ‘Hypocrite’ Democrat voters won’t care about Bloomberg’s racism, misogyny and anti-working class comments

Political hypocrisy didn't start or end with the Trump presidency and his supporters

By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) A female caller into Rush Limbaugh’s nationally syndicated talk show Tuesday claimed that comments by 2020 Democratic presidential contender Michael Bloomberg in which he disparaged farmers as simpletons will rile up voters to oppose him.

To review, Bloomberg was speaking at an event at Oxford University in 2016, and the subject of farming came up.

“I could teach anybody … to be a farmer,” inside of five minutes, he said. “You dig a hole, you put a seed in, you put dirt on top, add water, up comes the corn.”

That’s not only is that dismissive and arrogant, it’s also very inaccurate. There are entire universities dedicated to teaching ‘farming.’ Texas A&M, for example, is officially known as “Texas Agriculture & Mechanical University.”

“Kind of a change in your topic that you were talking about,” the caller began. “But as far as agriculture goes, I think Bloomberg has really alienated a lot of Democrats. The USDA has got a lot of people that have spent a lot of time in college and the NRCS, they’re all Democrats. And for him to be so condescending about how our heartland provides for our country is pretty unbelievable,” the caller said.

Limbaugh responded by agreeing that Bloomberg’s remarks were condescending, but he prodded the caller to tell him whether she was simply espousing her beliefs or if she had heard ‘Democrats’ saying they were turned off by Bloomberg’s farming comments.

“My family lives in Nebraska, and they’ve all expressed the condescension about his comments,” she responded. “I have family in Kentucky, and they’ve all expressed displeasure about, you know, how he’s basically been so condescending to what is… That’s what supports our country. How do you go into your freezer and you open up a bag of frozen corn? That didn’t just happen.”

“Well, I understand. That’s the point. He belittles it. He ridicules it. Most Democrats do, Laurie,” Limbaugh explained.

“Most Democrats think farmers are hicks. Most Democrats think farmers are a bunch of hayseeds — except Democrat farmers, of course. They think most farmers live and work in the dirt (that’s very unsophisticated) and they think most farmers are contributing to climate change and global warming ’cause they’re not doing it the right way,” Limbaugh continued. “The Democrat Party is one of the most misunderstood hate groups in this country today.”

All of that is true. But as Limbaugh has noted (as have we), Democrats are also extremely hypocritical. There is much more that Bloomberg has said over the years — defending his stop-and-frisk policy; making racist statements about why it was necessary; making misogynistic comments; dismissing factory workers as stupid, etc.

Limbaugh noted the hypocrisy of those comments and how Democrat ‘leaders’ are now turning summersaults just to defend the guy because they think he can beat Trump:

It’s gonna destroy everything [Democrats] ever claimed to be: Pro-African-American, pro-women, pro-gay, ’cause Bloomberg has come out and he’s the biggest misogynist, he’s the biggest racist, and he’s a homophobe — and he’s made no bones about it. There’s video, and there’s audio of the guy demonstrating it and proving it. …

Women in the Democrat Party are gonna look the other way at every misogynist, anti-woman comment he’s ever made, because they’re a bunch of phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ roller hypocrites who are motivated by only one thing, and it’s got nothing to do with you or this country being better or improved. They are motivated by their hatred for Donald Trump and their desire to get rid of him, and they will pay anybody anything and suffer anything if somebody can come along, in their opinion, and beat Trump — and that’s what we’re up against.

Limbaugh played a Fox News clip of former network political pollster/analyst Doug Schoen, a pollster for Bill Clinton, from an interview he did on Fox Business Network this week. In the clip, Schoen not only excuses Bloomberg’s comments, he makes some interesting observations about how they’ll play with the Democratic electorate:

Opponents across the board are doing everything they can to hit Mike. Some of what is being released is taken out of context. Some of it is a straightforward assessment, analysis of difficult problems — and some of it, like his advocacy of stop-and-frisk, he has repudiated. He’s apologized for it. You know, I don’t think the voters sit the way we do, parsing every release of every tape, trying to judge what he said 10 years ago in the context of today.

Limbaugh agreed with Schoen’s assessment:

I think that’s, at this stage, entirely true. Now, I’d love to be wrong. You can gauge public opinion in a number of different ways, and I just don’t think it’s gonna matter to Democrat voters. I don’t think any of this is gonna matter. They’re a bunch of hypocrites from the get-go. They always have been, and the stuff that Bloomberg is saying here is what most of them believe anyway. That’s the dirty little secret about all this.

Bloomberg is not saying things that are really counter to what the Democrats believe. This is what they say. This is what they believe. They have just never been honestly reported on. So within the Democrat voter base, this isn’t causing any kind of a stir. Plus, it isn’t being widely disseminated in the first place. The Drive-By Media are not playing a lot of these videos. So how many Democrat voters even know?

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Democrat-supporting civil rights attorney Leo Terrell, who is black, provided another example. In an interview with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham Monday, he said in response to Bloomberg’s racist comments regarding how stop-and-frisk was mostly aimed at blacks: “Let me very, very clear. I’m a civil rights attorney for 30 years. I fight against racism, and I — unlike Donald Trump, I — accept Mike Bloomberg’s apology. And it will not be a stumbling block, the stop-and-frisk. And, by the way — fair and balanced — Donald Trump supported stop-and-frisk and he never apologized. Mike Bloomberg apologized for it. Mike Bloomberg is stating it. He’s gone on apology tours towards blacks, and they have accepted it. Blacks believe Mike Bloomberg is being sincere in his apology.”

Right. Trump has only been reaching out to the black community since taking office. He signed criminal justice reform meant to help, in large part, blacks caught up in the system. He commuted the sentence of a black grandmother jailed over one drug charge, on the recommendation of a black star, Kim Kardashian. He has delivered the lowest unemployment rate and best jobs outlook for blacks ever. But he’s ‘never apologized’ for ‘stop-and-frisk,’ which was never his policy, since he was never mayor of New York City.

If Bloomberg winds up winning the Democratic nomination, it will be because most of the very same people who have been accusing President Trump of the same things will not hold their candidate to the same standards.

And while that’s nothing new in politics, the point is, political hypocrisy didn’t start or end with the Trump presidency and his supporters.

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All the billionaires think like this dickweed too. All the technofascists think the same thing.

Narcissistic control freaks always piss me off. Especially when they are condescending molek-worshipping perverts.

This idiot’s comment to, “just kill it.” should have earned him a kick in his midget balls. The demon-seed party is the party of bigots, pedos, dopers, sodomites, criminals, and terrorists.


Because...TRUMP !
Because...TRUMP !

Not to worry, folks, It is the Democrat Elite Liberal that Rush is referring to. Gloomberg doesn’t appeal to anyone but them (the Talking ShitHead/FakeNews Elites in Wash. and NYC)
President Trump, on the other hand, appeals to voters of every walk of life. Trump has that Character Bling-Bling that Gloomberg’s Cash can never buy…it is PRICELESS !
We (and The ONE…Ohmmm) are going to sweep the elections this November!
That’s actually a win/win even for the distempered rabid Fake Media Elitist - your typical ivory tower Clinton sickophant - they can continue their vent their endless hurt 🙁

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