By Duncan Smith

The ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee warned this week that U.S. Attorney John Durham’s ‘Russiagate/Spygate’ investigation is in danger of being “buried” if likely Democratic nominee Joe Biden beats President Trump this fall.

In an interview with Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) also warned of ‘unrest’ if Biden gets elected and no one is held accountable for trying to sabotage President Trump’s candidacy and resulting administration.

“What I worry about is, this next election is critical because if Biden somehow was to pull off a victory here, all this will be buried, and we will then be left with a totally corrupt Department of Justice and FBI that will never get fixed, and it will take this country into a level of chaos that we have not seen if these prosecutions are not brought and people are not held to justice and put in jail,” Nunes said.

The Washinton Examiner adds:

Nunes, the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, is leading a congressional inquiry into misconduct during the Russia investigation and has made several criminal referrals to the Justice Department. He argues that it was the Democrats, not the Trump campaign, who were colluding with Russia to develop ex-British spy Christopher Steele’s anti-Trump dossier that was used by the FBI.

Attorney General William Barr appointed Durham, the top federal prosecutor in Connecticut, to conduct his own review of the Russia investigation and said he expects “developments” by the end of the summer.

Despite striking a tone of urgency, Nunes acknowledged Durham has a lot to investigate.

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