Let’s go to the video: Nancy Pelosi’s massive hypocrisy regarding the Mueller report EXPOSED (Video)

By Jon Dougherty

We get it: Politicians can be hypocrites. But rarely do we get to see such a blatant example of it on such a scale.

Last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who is a walking, talking, daily example of political chicanery, blasted Attorney General William Barr for his decision to allow POTUS Donald Trump’s legal team to examine special counsel Robert Mueller’s report prior to releasing it to the public.

Barr’s decision hinged, in large part, on ensuring that redactions made to the full report were appropriate and that White House officials questioned as part of Mueller’s witch hunt probe were adequately protected.

Plus, there is the fact that — like it or not — Mueller worked for the Justice Department…which falls under the purview of the Executive Branch…which is headed by the president of the United States…who just happens to be Donald Trump.

None of that matters to Pelosi, mind you; she’s got perpetually angry voters to feed red meat to, so doing the right thing by them and for the country is out of the question.

In criticizing the AG’s decision, Pelosi alleged Barr had “confirmed the staggering partisan effort by the Trump Admin to spin public’s view of the #MuellerReport” in a tweet, in which she retweeted a letter from another partisan hack, Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee in which he demanded that Mueller show up before his committee to be grilled by fellow Democrats as to why he didn’t throw the book at that evil criminal POTUS Trump.

“AG Barr has confirmed the staggering partisan effort by the Trump Admin to spin public’s view of the #MuellerReport – complete with acknowledgment that the Trump team received a sneak preview. It’s more urgent than ever that Special Counsel Mueller testify before Congress,” Pelosi wrote.

But, as NKT Network reminds us, once upon a time, in 1998, when Democratic President Bill Clinton was in the independent counsel hot seat and nearing impeachment, Pelosi was singing a much different tune:

…[I]n 1998, when the House of Representatives was debating H.R. 525, which called for the immediate public release of Starr’s 445-page report on Clinton’s sex scandal, Pelosi said she believed Clinton should have been allowed to review the Starr report before Congress.

“Mr. Speaker, for seven of the eleven years that I have served in Congress, I have served on the Ethics Committee or the ethics task force. It is from that perspective that I have several questions to ask,” Pelosi said.

“If indeed what we are talking about here today is the process under which the Starr report will be released, why then have the airwaves been filled with details of the Starr report for the last 36 hours? It has supposedly been under lock and key here. One can only assume the leaks are coming from the independent counsel’s office,” Pelosi continued.

“My second question is to you, Mr. Speaker: Why would you not afford the President of the United States the same opportunity you were given by the Ethics Committee of having almost a week’s advance notice to review the charges against you, and so that you could have your response be part of the report?” Pelosi asked then-Speaker Newt Gingrich.

We know; it doesn’t much more comical than picturing Nancy Pelosi sitting in judgment of anyone on the House Ethics Committee. But beyond that, the hypocritical nature of her demands then and her position on the Mueller report now bear mentioning.

Pelosi, at the time, was referring to an Ethics Committee investigation into Gingrich, “which resulted in the House officially reprimanding Gingrich for claiming tax-exempt status for a college course that was run for political purposes,” NKT Network reported. “Ultimately, the resolution passed with an overwhelming majority 363-63. Pelos, however,r was one of the handful of House Democrats that voted against the resolution.”


Pelosi even mentioned “the founding fathers.” Classic.

No wonder Congress remains the governing institution with the lowest approval rating.

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3 Comments on "Let’s go to the video: Nancy Pelosi’s massive hypocrisy regarding the Mueller report EXPOSED (Video)"

  1. Pelosi won’t admit it. She hates Trump with a vengeance. Lies are all she and the Left have left in their arsenal. They will desperately cling to their lies and deception because that’s all they have now.

    The Russian collusion is OVER.

  2. snellvillebob | April 21, 2021 at 6:47 pm | Reply

    Nancy Pelosi on ethics committee is a lot of the problem. It is like Cuba being on the UN Human Rights Committee.

  3. James Craven | April 22, 2021 at 6:47 am | Reply

    must be so depressing getting beat by a reality star all of the time!!!!

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