Jack Dorsey and Twitter support actual terrorist organizations by allowing them to remain online: Report

By J. D. Heyes

NationalSentinel It’s becoming more and more obvious that the American Left is really no different from the Communist Left of the former Soviet Union or the Left-wing authoritarianism practiced by Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany.

And nowhere is this more evident than the manner in which the ‘progressive-owned’ social media behemoths operate.

While platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter ban conservative journalists and news organizations because they simply don’t like their political perspectives or their exposure of nonsensical, destructive Leftist policies, they have no problems allowing actual terrorist groups to retain a voice.

As the Washington Free Beacon reported Thursday, Twitter has allowed foreign terrorist groups like Palestinian-based, Iran-supported Hamas to retain their accounts, but longtime users Alex Jones, Natural News, and Project Veritas have been booted off.

The absurdity has come to the attention of some lawmakers: 

Members of Congress petitioned Twitter on Wednesday to ban accounts linked to several foreign terrorist groups, including the Palestinian Hamas organization, according to a letter sent to the social networking site.

In a letter to San Francisco-based Twitter, 16 lawmakers ‘urged’ Twitter CEO and founder Jack Dorsey to take down “all content promoting terrorist activity, as well as deplatforming “senior Hamas officials and associates from Twitter who radicalize individuals to incite violence against Israelis,” the group noted.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, based on its reputation for booting individuals and media organizations that do real reporting and don’t serve as propaganda outlets for groups favored by the American Left (Israel isn’t; Arab terrorists are), Twitter has become a haven for militant organizations, with leaders of said groups using the platform as a means of communicating with like-minded followers.

Ironically — or hypocritically — Twitter claims it is cracking down on any speech considered to foster or promote hate and violence, though in the past that’s really just been an excuse to target conservative speech.

That said, some on the Left have been subjected to bans as well, but the platform has a spotty record, at best, of taking action against organizations that actually call for violence against political enemies and actually takes violent action (including murder) against opponents — namely, radical Islamic organizations that promote terrorist activity via Twitter.

Some U.S. lawmakers and reform advocates say that Dorsey’s company could actually be giving aid and comfort — material support — for these terrorist organizations just by giving them a social media platform, which is not allowed under federal law.

“Congress has already determined that providing material support, resources, and intangible assistance to a [Foreign Terrorist Organization] is a federal crime,” wrote the lawmakers, led by Republican Reps. Lee Zeldin (R-NY), Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.), and Joe Wilson (R-S.C.), co-chairs of the House Republican Israel Caucus.

“Furthermore, the Supreme Court has upheld that federal law prohibiting individuals and groups from providing material support to FTOs does not violate the First Amendment,” they said in their letter. “It is imperative that Twitter, a United States Company, bans designated FTOs, removing all content promoting terrorist activity.”

“Every year, Hamas uses Twitter to gather mass participation for its ‘Days of Rage’ against Israel,” the lawmakers wrote, an event that creates a national security threat for the Jewish state and almost always results in violence and death.

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The lawmakers said that should Twitter ignore their request, they are prepared to offer legislation aimed at requiring accounts belonging to terrorist groups be banned — though in today’s political environment, with Democrats running the House, such legislation would never pass because the Left would reject it.

Since there are already laws on the books, it’s going to be incumbent upon the Trump Justice Department and other appropriate government enforcement agencies to take action against Twitter should the company refuse on its own to do the right thing.

A version of this story first appeared at NewsTarget.

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  1. FREEDOM of SPEECH People, do you want to keep it????????
    DO NOT Deplatform the terrorists, put up warnings like on cig packs, opening and going to this site may cause the FBI to search you/ you may see sights that will revolt you/you may hear speakers try to influence you. DO NOT deplatform and REVERSE the Conservatives who have been deplatformed, demonetized, banned, including me. I receive twitter but cannot comment on twit and I am nobody. In the meantime, go to similar to fb

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