By Duncan Smith

Time and time again since President Donald Trump took office, we’ve seen Americans deprived of their constitutional right to voice support for him.

That happened again recently at a public school in Louisiana.

Ned Thomas, a senior at Pine Junior-Senior High School near Franklinton, took advantage of a privilege reserved for upperclassmen — painting something on their assigned school parking space, for a $25 fee — and he chose a really cool image of the president wearing a set of patriotic aviator-style glasses and a bandana.

Mind you, students have to get approval first of what they want to paint on their parking spots.

“But while the principal gave the painting his stamp of approval, Washington Parish School System officials deemed the image too political — and promptly blotted it out with gray paint, NOLA said,” The Blaze reported, adding:

However, that isn’t the end of the story.

A federal judge on Friday ordered school district Superintendent Frances Varnado and the school board to let the Trump portrait be repainted in the parking space, saying that blotting it out was a violation of Thomas’ free-speech rights, the outlet noted.

U.S. District Judge Eldon Fallon — an appointee of former President Bill Clinton — ruled the Trump portrait is “pure political speech” and cannot be censored by the district, NOLA reported.

“The painting of President Trump cannot reasonably be described as obscene or plainly offensive on its face, nor can it be construed as school-sponsored speech,” Fallon wrote, noting further that in order for the school to have the right to paint over the portrait, it would have to show that the president’s image was “materially disruptive,” and officials couldn’t demonstrate that.

“This is not a case involving a symbol such as a Confederate flag, which has an established meaning as a ‘symbol of racism and intolerance, regardless of whatever other meanings may be associated with it,'” Fallon said.

Thus, “ultimately, it is clear that school officials in this case acted based upon ‘an urgent wish to avoid controversy which might result from the expression.'”

So, now what? Looks like the image will be repainted, NOLA said, at least until the speech Nazis and Trump haters at that school can find another reason to cover up the president’s face.

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