Billionaire Leon Cooperman bitch-slaps Fauxcohontas Warren: ‘This is the American dream she’s sh*tting on’

(TNS) Capitalism built the United States into the world’s preeminent superpower, but beyond that, it is the one economic model that truly promotes equality.

You won’t hear that shit from Marxist motherfuckers like Liz Warren and Bernie Sanders, a couple of 1 percenter hypocrites who truly believe that the fruits of someone else’s labor don’t really belong to them.

Of course, Liz and Bernie made their millions the same way other millionaire and billionaires did, sorta: They invested and earned and, thanks to capitalism, they now have small fortunes.

Only, they’re not small fortunes: Bernie is worth $2 million; Liz and her husband are worth about $12 million.

They could never have amassed those fortunes in the way they did — investments, book deals, etc. — in a Communist/Socialist shithole like Cuba or Venezuela. And yet, they want to turn America in a much larger version of those two shitholes.

Initially, these two economic retards wanted to tax the balls off millionaires and billionaires. But now, since their own net worths have been publicized, they’re just focusing their rhetoric on the super-wealthy b-dollar folks.

One of them isn’t having that.

Leon G. “Lee” Cooperman, an American investor, hedge fund manager, and philanthropist is CEO of New York-based Omega Advisors.

According to Politico, Cooperman says he agrees with a progressive tax (we don’t) in which ‘the rich’ pay more, but bilking billionaires just because they have a lot of money is punitive and counterproductive.

“I believe in a progressive income tax and the rich paying more. But this is the fucking American dream she is shitting on,” he told Politico, speaking directly about Warren.

He’s right, of course. But Warren’s tone-deaf response is just…too much.

The ‘you didn’t build this alone’ bullshit narrative comes from the god king turd Obama, who lambasted American business owners’ success as not having achieved it without big, fat, government and the nanny state building roads and educating kids and shit like that.

During a campaign event in August, Warren stole Obama’s Socialist page when she declared, “I guarantee, you didn’t build a fortune in America without using workers that all of us helped pay to educate. You built a fortune in America getting goods to market on roads and bridges that all of us helped pay to build. You are protected by police and firefighters—all of us paid their salaries.”

What. The. Fuck?

Ryan James at Freedom Wire retorts: “The social contract refers to citizens agreeing to give power to the government with the expectation that they will protect their lives and property; the social contract does not include government FORCING them to make payments to others.”

Spot on; and we would add educating our children, too, because Uncle Sugar decided long ago that an educated population was an asset necessary for the growth and modernization of our society. These fucking Communist cock smokers like Warren and Sanders have it ass-backwards; we can’t have a modern, advancing society without the infrastructure they tout or the employment provided by corporations and, dare we say, billionaires.

These Garbage Party derelicts cannot be given the reins of power in our republic, lest it cease to exist in its current capitalist, equal opportunity form.

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When will Native Americans speak out against this skin walker impersonating an American Indian?

All fraud and hoax from these shitbags.

Alan D. Smith

Every time Trump communicates with The People, he should add, “In case you’ve forgotten your high school science knowledge, without CARBON DIOXIDE, all plants on Earth would die. Personally, I’m proud of my carbon footprint.”

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