(NationalSentinel) It should be obvious now that, for a several reasons, the deep state is at war with our duly elected president, Donald J. Trump. And it’s already claimed its first victim: Former National Security Advisor Micheal Flynn.

If our president doesn’t buck up, steel his spine and baton down the hatches, his hard-earned presidency will be over before it even begins, and frankly, that will devastating to our country and our form of government.

It’s important to understand that what is taking place is not spontaneous nor happenstance. For instance, we know there was a months-long concerted effort to take Flynn out by former Obama officials and other deep state operatives, perhaps because Flynn was  ripest of all Trump appointees and advisors. He actually did travel to Russia and deliver a paid speech (not paid by the Russian government, though) for RT.com, a propaganda media outlet for Moscow. But that isn’t a violation of any laws; indeed, the FBI has concluded that his conversations with a Russian diplomat were not improper and did not violate any laws, as the Washington Post reported in January.

But none of that matters to the deep state. Flynn hasn’t done anything wrong (because if he had, he would have been charged). Destroying Flynn is just the opening salvo in a major offensive launched by  unelected, faceless careerists who make up the U.S. foreign policy and intelligence bureaucracy and don’t want Trump to succeed Next up: The rest of his team.

Eli Lake, national security correspondent for Bloomberg, wrote Tuesday of the “political assassination” of Flynn:

A better explanation here is that Flynn was just thrown under the bus. His tenure as national security adviser, the briefest in U.S. history, was rocky from the start. When Flynn was attacked in the media for his ties to Russia, he was not allowed by the White House to defend himself. Over the weekend, he was instructed not to speak to the press when he was in the fight for his political life. His staff was not even allowed to review the transcripts of his call to the Russian ambassador.  

Flynn was targeted initially by the national security bureaucracy because he, like Trump, was a reformer during his two-year stint at the Defense Intelligence Agency. He is disliked by Democrats because he took to the dais at the Republican National Convention last year to call for Hillary Clinton to be jailed.

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But the most important thing to remember here is that Flynn is just the beginning. Lake, in talking with Rep. Devon Nunes, R-Calif., chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, it’s becoming clear that the ultimate target is the president.

“There does appear to be a well orchestrated effort to attack Flynn and others in the administration,” he said. “From the leaking of phone calls between the president and foreign leaders to what appears to be high-level FISA Court information, to the leaking of American citizens being denied security clearances, it looks like a pattern.”

Lake noted further:

In the end, it was Trump’s decision to cut Flynn loose. In doing this he caved in to his political and bureaucratic opposition. Nunes told me Monday night that this will not end well. “First it’s Flynn, next it will be Kellyanne Conway, then it will be Steve Bannon, then it will be Reince Priebus,” he said. Put another way, Flynn is only the appetizer. Trump is the entree.

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