Sperry: Schiff impeachment report says he investigated co-chair Nunes, reporter Solomon; ‘We are witnessing tyranny in slow motion’

(TNS) Ace investigative reporter Paul Sperry laid out in detail via Twitter the ‘slow motion tyranny’ the country is experiencing after combing through the 300-page “impeachment report” released by House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff (D-Calif.).

Key findings: Schiff spent far more time investigating the Intelligence Committee’s co-chair, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), and his staff, as well as another ace investigative reporter, John Solomon, than he did probing any alleged impeachable offenses committed by President Donald Trump.

Also, Sperry offered up a brutal take-down of Republicans who seem “too frightened” of bad press in the garbage Washington Post or an “Ethics Committee” probe than doing the right thing and exposing Schiff for his criminal abuse of power.

The impeachment is a sham, in other words, and so is Schiff’s ‘report.’

The thing is, what are Americans prepared to do to defend our president?

Mind you, if not even Schiff knows the identity of the whistleblower, then how is it Google somehow knows to block the mention of Eric Ciaramella?

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It’s got to be noted that Solomon isn’t ‘promoting’ any conspiracy theories; he simply reported what he discovered regarding the Bidens, Ukraine, and how the 2016 Clinton campaign and DNC sought to exploit and force a government under siege by Russia to provide them with ‘dirt’ on members of President Trump’s campaign.

Oh, and POLITICO — definitely a Garbage Party mouthpiece — reported some of the same things.

Schiff is deflecting, which is what he always does. Also, he very clearly abused the powers of his office and the government to probe a fellow colleague on the Intelligence Committee and duly elected representative of the people, along with private citizens under the cover of Congress.

And the takedown…

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Great question; we’d love the answer:

Finally, the tyranny comparison which is absolutely spot-on from a guy who ought to know:

And another great question:

This isn’t a full accounting of Schiff’s report but Sperry seems to have at least hit the high spots. Trouble is, our system wasn’t built to withstand abject corruption from the inside out — unless you count the ‘check and balance’ of an election, which won’t help us in Schiff’s case (or Pelosi’s case) because voters in his district are too partisan to do the right thing.

So we’re stuck with this worm until he decides not to run. The only thing we can do as a country is replace his party next November with one that will commit to holding lawless Democrats like him to account.

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If Republicans bumble their way back in to control of the House, I hope they have the gonads to turn all of this sideways and ram it up Democrat’s arses.

lawn mower

the way to stop this is just like we are doing to north korea, china and iran go for the money in other words get soros i don’t understand why he hasn’t been turned over to the jews for war crimes to be punished for his part in turning jews over to the nazi’s for profit and then steal their land

The Prisoner

Watch as Mitch, Barr, Burr, Grassley, Graham, … all say and do nothing, because they favor the coup.

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