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PAYBACK: Scores of demonstrators descend on The Red Hen restaurant after owner kicked out Sarah Huckabee Sanders

(National SentinelTurnabout: Conservatives and independents who support President Donald J. Trump have had enough of the abuse being dished out to them by perpetually angry Left-wing lunatic Democrats, and they’re pushing back.

Whether it’s via the #WalkAway campaign on social media, in which former Democrats are leaving the party of hate in droves, or peaceful protests against injustice — like the one that occurred over the weekend at The Red Hen — Right-leaning Americans have had enough.

The Red Hen, you recall, is the small restaurant in Lexington, Va., where the liberal owner kicked out White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders and then followed her and her party to a different restaurant to heckle her and lead a protest.

On Saturday Corey Stewart, a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Virginia, led a Bikers for Trump rally at The Red Hen to protest what the Sanders incident and to show the Left-wing hack owner, Stephanie Wilkinson, that she’s not the only one who can draw a crowd.

The Democratic Party is rapidly deteriorating into the modern-day equivalent of the real National Socialist Party — Hitler’s Nazis — with their hate, intolerance, and use of violence to shut down and shout down political opponents.

When they’re not calling on supporters to harass and physically confront Trump administration officials — like crank Maxine Waters did just last week — they’re actually confronting conservatives and Trump supporters and using physical violence against them, such as in Portland, Ore., over the weekend.

More and more Americans are waking up to the fact that if the Democratic Party and its hate-filled leaders aren’t stopped, then civil war will ensue — and rational Americans don’t want that.

So it’s good to see peaceful protests and counterprotests pushing back against the party of hate, which continues to hemorrhage supporters.

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