By Jon Dougherty @JonDougherty10

(TNS) Well, it’s about time this recommendation was made.

For years, feminists have been pushing political leaders and the Pentagon to open up every position within the U.S. military to women, regardless of the physical limitations and/or demands of such military positions.

And generally speaking, the military has done with the feminists demanded, despite the fact that the vast majority of them have never volunteered to wear a uniform themselves, much less sign up to do one of the jobs for which they were advocating.

But they always stopped short of demanding that women also register for the draft, same as men have always had to do.

Translation: ‘We want women to get the same opportunities as men but not carry the same responsibility to the country in times of crisis.’

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Well, a government panel is changing that dynamic, according to The Blaze:

The 2017 Defense Authorization bill required a commission to study and make recommendations about the issue of making women eligible for the military draft, POLITICO noted.

The new government report, which POLITICO said its reporters had seen, says that women should be included in the draft. The 11-member panel presented its findings to the Pentagon on Monday and will make a presentation to staffers from the White House and Congress Tuesday.

The draft in the United States dates back to the Civil War, when both sides, North and South, resorted to involuntary call-ups of men to fill depleted ranks. But the first national conscription system officially began in 1917 after the U.S. entry into World War I.

The draft was officially shelved in 1973 but men were still required to register with the Selective Service System on their 18th birthday. Women…never.

But now that woman are eligible for every military position thanks to the political activism of the Obama regime, it’s time for them to also be forced to register with Selective Service, according to the commission.

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“As Politico noted, the report does not require action by Congress or the Defense Department, but it will make it more likely that lawmakers will draft legislation to include females in the draft for the first time in the draft’s more than 100 years of existence,” The Blaze reported.

This needs to happen. What’s fair is fair, right? Equal pay and treatment for equal work and all that, correct? What say you, Democrats in the House?

But there’s also a practical reason why co-ed draft registration should be mandatory: National Security.

The pool of available male recruits has been dwindling for years due to a number of factors (obesity being the, um, ‘biggest’ reason). Opening up the draft to women will give the Pentagon an additional pool of recruits to fill critical positions during time of war.



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