Federal appeals court rules that presidential electors can basically screw over voters and cast a ballot for whomever they want

By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) As the Democrat Left seeks to circumvent the Electoral College with the National Popular Vote Compact, in which states agree to assign their presidential electors to whomever receives the most votes nationally, even if the other candidate won their state, a federal appeals court has thrown even more shade at voters.

As the Washington Free Beacon reported Wednesday, a federal appeals court in Colorado ruled 2-1 that the then-secretary of state was wrong to remove and replace an elector who wanted to cast his ballot for GOP alternative John Kasich rather than Hillary Clinton, who won in Colorado.

The news site noted:

State law in Colorado mandates that presidential electors cast their Electoral College vote for the candidate receiving the most votes statewide, which in that instance was Hillary Clinton.

In 2016, however, elector Micheal Baca tried to cast his vote for Ohio’s then-governor, Republican John Kasich, as part of a short-lived movement to circumvent Trump’s election in a kind of compromise. Supporters of the idea hoped enough electors would defect to Kasich to deny Trump the presidency — arguing Trump was too unstable or dangerous — but would still have given Republicans control of the executive branch rather than handing that power to Democrats.

When Baca cast his vote for Kasich, then-secreatary of state Wayne Williams (R.) removed and replaced Baca with an elector who voted for Clinton.

“Secretary Williams impermissibly interfered with Mr. Baca’s exercise of his right to vote as a presidential elector,” part of the court ruling read. “Specifically, Secretary Williams acted unconstitutionally by removing Mr. Baca and nullifying his vote for failing to comply with the vote binding provision.

“Article II and the Twelfth Amendment provide presidential electors the right to cast a vote for President and Vice President with discretion,” the majority ruling added.

You may recall shortly after President Trump pulled off his surprise upset of the most criminally investigated presidential contender ever, there was a movement afoot to undermine his victory by convincing enough presidential electors to either change their ballots for Clinton or vote for someone else.

The vast majority of electors, however, remained faithful to their pledge and did the right thing by voters in their states in casting their ballots for the man who won the election fair and square.

But this federal court ruling essentially empowers ‘faithless electors’ in future elections, should it stand as the final constitutional opinion on the matter. It will mean there will be a much more profound and concerted effort next year, should President Trump be reelected, to get state electors to shift their ballots to someone else.

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Then of course, we’ve got the National Popular Vote Compact to be concerned with, though that won’t be challenged until enough states sign on to tally 270 electoral votes, the number necessary for a presidential victory.

The Free Beacon noted further:

The decision effectively gives legal permission in any state to so-called “faithless electors,” those who vote for someone other than the leading vote getter in the state or otherwise does not vote in coordination with the statewide election results.

Heightening the importance of the ruling is the fact that just this spring Colorado passed a law entering the state into the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, or NPV, which attempts to create a workaround to how the Electoral College has operated for two centuries, but would not require a Constitutional amendment.

Fifteen states and the District of Columbia have joined the compact for a total of 196 Electoral College votes.

By hook or by crook, the Democrat Left is determined to change our system to give them perpetual power, regardless of what voters want, which would, more than likely, be grounds for the next American revolution.

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