By Duncan Smith

So, let’s get the customary disclaimer out of the way right off the bat.

No, this isn’t a ‘bash women in the military’ post. Women belong in the military if they meet standards and there’s no question about it.

Rather, this post is about the military relearning a basic human truth, namely, that women are not men in more ways than one.

The Army spent the past several years developing a new physical fitness test for its troops.

The old test, it was determined, was no longer a sufficient measure of the rigors today’s soldiers will face under combat conditions.

So the Army decided to change it, and frankly, it was overdue.

But the Army did not, for some reason, account for the long-known physical differences in the sexes (even though the old test took account of those differences).

As such, female soldiers are failing the new Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) at a 60-percent rate compared to male soldiers, 90 percent of whom pass it.

Task & Purpose reported:

Briefing slides obtained by Task & Purpose marked as 'pre-decisional' from the Army's Training and Doctrine Command for senior Army leaders show changes under consideration for the ACFT. Army officials have hailed the test — which consists of six events including a two-mile run, maximum deadlift, hand-release pushups, and a leg tuck — as crucial to soldier development, though lawmakers and advocacy groups have criticized it as potentially harmful to soldiers' careers and not properly designed.

The slides describe 'ACFT 3.0' and suggest permanently adding the option for soldiers to do a two-minute plank instead of the leg tuck — an option made temporarily available to soldiers last summer — removing the military occupational specialty (MOS)-specific requirements and eliminating competition between genders and scoring men and women in percentiles of their gender. Another proposal includes removing numerical fitness test scores from soldiers' files for promotion boards in favor of color codes symbolizing their percentile in an effort to remove bias.

'We know there is a physiological difference between men and women (emphasis added),' reads one slide, according to Task & Purpose. 'The Army has to account for this and remove the competition between genders or Congress will never allow ACFT implementation. The goal of the ACFT is to reward the most physically fit, this accomplishes that accounting for biological differences.'

'We had this big thing of inclusion but this is one of the biggest eyesores that goes against inclusion,' the official told Task & Purpose. 'They didn't think about it. It was mostly men that ran it and it's mostly men who are going to take it, and it's mostly men who are just refusing to take the L.'

The Army as a force that is designed to fight and win wars will always be a better option for the survival of our country than an Army guided by wokeness and left-wing social justice.

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