HACKS! Left-wing media cowards so SCARED Trump was going to get us into WAR now CALLING for one against RUSSIA

(National SentinelLunatics: Since POTUS Donald Trump won the presidency in November 2018 various Left-wing Democrats and their sycophantic propagandists in the establishment media have predicted he would get our country into a nuclear war.

In August 2017, liberal Foreign Policy asked, “Can Anyone Stop Trump If He Decides to Start a Nuclear War?”

The Boston Globe lamented in August of last year, “It’s far too easy for Donald Trump to start a nuclear war.”

The same month uber-Left Guardian fretted, “Trump has taken us to the brink of nuclear war. Can he be stopped?

Far-Left Vox pondered in November 2017, “Trump can’t start a nuclear war by himself, but there’s not much stopping him.”

MSNBC hacks Joe Scarborough and bride Mika Brzezinski voiced ‘concern‘ earlier this year that Trump would get America into a nuclear exchange with North Korea.

And so on.

But now, after POTUS Trump’s landmark summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, some of these same Left-wing hacks are clamoring for the president to declare Putin’s 2016 election meddling “an act of war” which, generally speaking, provokes some sort of military response.

One of them is CNN host Chris Cuomo.

“The big, ugly white elephant in the room will be the U.S. election hacking,” said Cuomo. “We’ve been calling it meddling, but I’m trying to stay away from the word because it’s just way too mild. This is an act of war.”

CNN International’s Christiane Amanpour agreed with Cuomo’s claims that “election hacking” was “war.” She said, “Yes, it is an act of violation of sovereignty of the United States and the other European countries that have been cyber hacked on their electoral matters.”

The always unhinged Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., said the same thing.

“No question about it,” he said, according to The Hill. “It was a foreign interference with our basic Democratic values. The underpinnings of Democratic society is elections, and free elections and they invaded our country.”

This from the same hack who said disgraced FBI Agent Peter Strzok deserved a “Purple Heart” for his pathetic testimony last week before a joint House hearing.

First of all, Democrats couldn’t care less about “democracy.” The Democratic Party cares about power, pure and simple, and it doesn’t mind using violence and intimidation to take it.

Secondly, what do these armchair warriors want POTUS Trump to do — attack a country armed with thousands of nuclear weapons as a response to this “act of war?”

Is that rational? Haven’t these same people described Trump as “irrational?”

And here we thought the far Left was petrified Trump was going to start a nuclear war.

Now they’re practically begging him to.

Here’s another point to make: Do these lunatics seriously believe that hacking and meddling is a one-way street?

Because it isn’t.

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After a 1 1/2 years of endless attacks from the Left, Trump is still standing. I am amazed at his resolve. None of us could endure that and do the job of the Presidency at the same time. Now, the Left and RINOs are criticizing his performance at Helsinki. They jump on every word he said and angrily push for impeachment or condemnation. I’m sick of this! Leave the man alone! Let him do his job! We voted for him! You Lefties don’t speak for us! Look at all the miracles he has accomplished for this country so far and… Read more »


Cuomo is a spoiled brat who was handed that big media job that many more deserving people would have done anything to get. His religion is leftism because it is all he knows and has given him so much. He will read any script in return for those riches.

Jason Jay Murphy
Jason Jay Murphy

The left makes this big show of being “concerned” about “dictatorship” and then emulates one of the worst features of a true dictatorship by damning anyone who questions the official state narrative as “unpatriotic”. I think back to when Bush was president. I hated Bush and never voted for him or supported him in any way. When he called his critics “unpatriotic”, I, as a veteran, actually stood up for those on the left and I said that Bush was wrong to call them “unpatriotic.” I will never defend a leftist against that charge ever again. I lost friends in… Read more »

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