WTF? ‘GOP’ Trump challenger Bill Weld said the president should be EXECUTED over fake Ukraine story (Video)

(NationalSentinel) Just when we thought that there wasn’t a sane Democrat running for president, a “Republican” wannabe stepped up to prove that batshit lunacy is bipartisan.

Appearing on MSNBC (where else?), Bill Weld, who continues to entertain delusional thoughts about stealing the GOP nomination from President Donald Trump next year, actually suggested that he be executed for the crime of “treason.”

What treason? Why, talking to the president of Ukraine and allegedly asking him to look into whether or not Joe Biden used his position as Vice President to threaten that government with a loss of aid if they didn’t fire a prosecutor who was investigating a corrupt gas company on which his son, Hunter, sat as a board member (Hint: Biden did threaten them — and it worked).

Weld, a former Massachusetts governor in the vein of Sen. Mitt Romney, is obviously out of his mind. And a prick.

Can you imagine if he’d have said the same thing about Biden when he was still VP? Or Barack Obama (for his dirty nuclear deal with Iran)? The heads of the very same Left-wing media types giving this idiot air time would have exploded and called for his assassination or something.

This piece of shit will never steal the GOP nomination from Donald Trump and, likely, any other GOP contender beyond 2024.

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Because other than the usual handful of scumbag #NeverTrumpers, most Republicans are conservatives who are damned proud to finally have one in office who isn’t afraid to stand toe-to-toe with the real enemies of our Republic: Weld and the lunatic Democrats he is stroking.


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