By Duncan Smith

If you’re wondering what’s really behind the dozens and dozens of imperial actions signed by Imperial Leader Joe Biden during his first week in office, it’s not “unity.”

Quite the opposite, in fact.

Biden’s handlers are using him as a conduit to exert and then consolidate Democrat power in states where Republicans have made substantial gains in recent years.

Washington Free Beacon editor Matthew Continetti noted in a Friday column:

It's not just that the new president wants to resume the trajectory America was on when Barack Obama left office in 2017. He also wants to claw back the gains red states made over blue states during the last four years. He wants to shift federal resources to Democratic constituencies, and to save the blue states from the true cost of their misguided policies. And if red America has to pay a price in lost jobs and tax revenue, well, that's too bad.

Leave aside, for the purposes of this discussion, the relative merits of Biden's executive actions. (I disagree with almost all of them.) Focus instead on their distributional effects, not on individuals but on sectors of the economy, on regions of the country, and on the donor bases of the two parties. The image that comes to mind is of swarms of dollars changing course midflight: a mass migration of subsidies, spending, and incentives from the GOP coalition to the Democratic one. …

What does Biden want? His solution is to make Florida and Texas more like New York and California. … Blue America began to claw back red America's earnings last week. And the next four years (at least) will see the Biden coalition press its advantage.

Continetti provides a lot of examples of how Biden’s handlers are going about the task of creating a permanent majority nationwide and you can click the link above to read them, but what I’ve posted above is the gist of the plan.

We can’t allow it to happen, though. Conservative Trump supporters know how much the lunatic Democrat left hates us and what they would do to us with permanent majorities.

So, here’s the plan to fight back: At every level of government — local, state, federal (school boards, county boards of supervisors, other advisory boards) Trump conservatives need to dominate. And while we’re at it, we need to keep the Republican Party from falling back into the hands of Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse, and those two GOP ‘moderates’ in Alaska and Maine.

Because leaving the field of battle to the enemy by sitting out the fight isn’t an option.

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