Sedition: ‘Key impeachment witness’ Amb. Sondland suddenly reverses earlier testimony, claims ‘quid pro quo’ offer to Ukraine

(TNS) Judas had his pieces of silver for betraying Jesus, but it’s not yet clear what U.S. Amb. to the EU Gordon Sondland is getting for a sudden memory recollection that yeah, he did deliver a “quid pro quo” to the Ukrainian government on behalf of President Trump.

Specifically, he claims he now ‘remembers’ after his ‘memory was refreshed’ by ‘other testimony’ before Adam Schiff’s secret squirrel impeachment inquiry that he told the Ukrainian president there would be no military aid unless or until he provided President Trump with “dirt” on former VP Joe Biden.

The New York Times has this story so, of course, right off the bat its veracity must be questioned:

A critical witness in the impeachment inquiry offered Congress substantial new testimony this week, revealing that he told a top Ukrainian official that the country likely would not receive American military aid unless it publicly committed to investigations President Trump wanted.

The disclosure from Gordon D. Sondland, the United States ambassador to the European Union, in four new pages of sworn testimony released on Tuesday, confirmed his involvement in laying out a quid pro quo to Ukraine that he had previously not acknowledged. The issue is at the heart of the impeachment investigation into Mr. Trump, which turns on the allegation the president abused his power to extract political favors from a foreign power.

Mr. Trump has consistently maintained that he did nothing wrong and that there was no quid pro quo with Ukraine.

Mr. Sondland’s testimony offered several major new details beyond the account he gave the inquiry in a 10-hour interview last month. He provided a more robust description of his own role in alerting the Ukrainians that they needed to go along with investigative requests being demanded by the president’s personal lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani. By early September, Mr. Sondland said, he had become convinced that military aid and a White House meeting were conditioned on Ukraine committing to those investigations.

Let’s review.

— The transcript of the phone call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has been released. It clearly shows the president never, ever, ever threatened to withhold military aid from Ukraine unless he got ‘dirt’ on Biden.

— Anyone who believes that Sondland “suddenly remembers” that, yeah, he did threaten Ukraine is predisposed to believe anything that puts Trump in a bad light, no matter how ridiculous the claim or premise.

— The New York Times has gone on record as being committed to bring Trump down.

— This nonsense was leaked to The New York Times on purpose because (see the above reason).

— Trump knows more about what the Bidens did in Ukraine than nearly every other American, including the losers in the mainstream media; he doesn’t need ‘dirt’ from the Ukrainian president.

— Bottom line: There is nothing illegal about quid pro quo’s in the first place, even if that’s truly what happened.

— Sondland is obvious not trustworthy.

This is just the latest episode in the never-ending saga, “How The Democrat Party and the Deep State Tried to Change the Results of the 2016 Election.”

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Sounds like he cashed the Soros check.


Deep state can hypnotize people into a “believable” testimony.

Remember, “at any cost” is their mantra. These people lack conscience, and crave power. I’m sure we will see more false flag, hoaxes, and phoney baloney fabricated news.


By any means necessary

Thats what I meant to say was their mantra —Brain shart, too much flouride. : /

dan can
dan can

A lot of BS, the “quid pro quo” he talks about is called diplomacy, both sides do it, Obama and Bush. Didn’t Obama give Iran hundreds of millions to stop enriching uranium? Why wasn’t that called “quid pro quo”? Oh that’s right, Obama was the first black president…..


Quid Pro Baloney Sandwich.

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