By Duncan Smith

The NFL season opened as “Wokeball” during Week 1, with the league mixing in heavy dosages of Black Lives Matter and ‘racial justice’ messaging.

But some players brought a different message: One of heroism and love of country.

Like Alejandro Villanueva.

The Pittsburgh Steelers offensive tackle and former Army Ranger war vet bucked his team during Monday Night Football’s contest against the New York Giants when he decided to honor a fallen hero instead of a politically correct social justice candidate.

Say his name: Alwyn Cashe.

Steelers LT Alejandro Villanueva has the name Alwyn Cashe on the back of his helmet Cashe was posthumousky [sic] awarded the Silver Star for heroism after his death at 35 while on duty in Iraq had said ALL players’ helmets would have Antwon Rose Jr’s name,” Steelers beat reporter Chris Adamski wrote on Twitter.

Per @MilitaryTimes, Alwyn Cashe died 10/17/05, when an improvised explosive devise detonated near his vehicle in Samarra, Iraq. He suffered 2nd/3rd-degree burns 70%+ of his body when he ran back into the vehicle in attempt to rescue soldiers trapped inside,” the reporter added.

“ write-up of Steelers’ Antwon Rose Jr. helmet decal (“**” emphasis mine): ‘Steelers players and coaches united as one to wear **a single name** on the back of their helmets and hats for the entire 2020 season – Antwon Rose Jr..'” Adamski added.

in other words, Villanueva chose to honor someone who fought — and died — for our flag, not a ’cause’ or a movement that disrespects our flag and dishonors the country it represents.

Good for him. There will be much criticism of his actions and he’ll be vilified by the same Marxist losers who are either plotting or enabling the dismantling of our Republic.

But he’ll no doubt be praised by a silent majority of Americans who, frankly, need to stop being silent.

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