(National Sentinel) Wiretaps: Former Trump campaign official Carter Page has admitted talking with various members of the president’s staff while he was under surveillance by the FBI during the final stages of the 2016 campaign, meaning they, too, were also exposed to the spying.

Fox News reported Tuesday that J. Christian Adams, a former Justice Department lawyer who is now the president of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, said “if there was electronic surveillance, there is no chance they weren’t caught up in it.”

“You’d normally think that innocent third parties would be protected, but we’ve seen in this mess unmasking of otherwise innocent people and their conversations,” he added, according to the network.

In particular, Page told the news outlet that he sent Trump campaign members an email containing an Oct. 26, 2016, letter sent to a European-based organization where he defended himself after leaving the campaign.

He said of the letter that it was the “main thing I do remember contacting them about” after he left the campaign. “So that should’ve all been picked up with the illegal hacking operation that began in Washington about a week prior,” Page said in an email to Fox News.

The letter would have represented just a single instance in which federal authorities monitoring Page could have also picked up communications involving Trump campaign officials. “However, it raises the possibility that any additional messages with those contacts – including emails from them to Page – could have been picked up as well,” the network reported.

What was also curious is that Page’s October 2016 letter also appeared to reference the infamous “Russia dossier” concocted as opposition research by the Fusion GPS firm and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

“I have learned from a reliable source that a law firm close to the Clinton campaign has hired a London-based private investigator to investigate my trip to Russia,” Page wrote, in an apparent reference to former British spy Christopher Steele, who authored the dossier.

Page also had contact with at least one Trump campaign and administration figure, former chief political strategist Steve Bannon, when he was under surveillance.

“We had a brief conversation in January, and we shared some text messages,” Page told the House Intelligence Committee in November. “That’s about it.”

Others believe that former President Obama knows much more about the spying scandal than has been divulged.

“Just how many people were surveilled and to what extent?” Fox News’ Tucker Carlson said last week on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “How much did President Obama know about it? We still don’t have the answers to those questions, though we definitely have the right to them.”

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