Gowdy says House ‘now irrelevant’ after sham Barr, Ross ‘contempt vote’ but wasn’t that the Democrats’ plan all along? (Video)

 By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) Former Rep. Trey Gowdy made a sobering observation about the House of Representatives on Thursday that ought to shake every American citizen who cares about the future of our country to their core.

He essentially this: In the great scheme of things and especially when it comes to providing much-needed oversight of the other two branches, the House has become irrelevant.

In an interview with Fox News‘ Martha McCallum, the former South Carolina GOP lawmaker was asked his thoughts about a pair of votes by the Democrat-controlled House earlier in the day that sought to hold Attorney General William Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in contempt over a “dispute” (The New York Times’ description) regarding placement of a citizenship question on the Census.

Not for, say, being suspected of politicizing the IRS against conservative non-profits ahead of a presidential election. Or lying about how a U.S. diplomat was murdered by terrorists in Libya. Or illegally spying on a rival presidential campaign.

No. They were held in “criminal contempt,” according to the Times (because that sounds worse than just plain ol’ contempt — which is the same thing) for not turning over Census-related documents:

The citations for two cabinet officials, approved 230 to 198, will breathe new life into a dispute that has touched all three branches of government over why Trump administration officials pushed to ask census respondents if they were American citizens and what that question’s effect would be.

Democrats investigating the issue believe that the documents and testimony being shielded would confirm that the administration’s long-stated rationale for collecting the data — to better enforce the Voting Rights Act — was merely a cover for a politically motivated attempt to eliminate noncitizens from population statistics used to allocate political representation, diminishing Democratic power.

Surely, the Times is joking with this — right?

Because we all know that Democrats never do anything that is politically motivated. You know, like stage a show contempt vote over the Trump administration’s refusal to turn over documents it has no legal obligation to produce. Or hold a show impeachment vote despite the fact that the vast majority of Americans do not want POTUS Donald Trump impeached. (See: Impeachment no more: Dems BLINK big time after signature campaign issue becomes political impossibility)

And anyway, the citizenship question has been resolved, so to speak: Not only did the Supreme Court not rule the administration lacked constitutional authority to add it (Chief Justice John Roberts just didn’t like the way the administration ‘justified’ it), but the president has taken the unprecedented step and ordered all Executive Branch agencies to produce and collate their citizenship-related data so we can find out the answer to the question another way.

All of which brings us back to Gowdy and his scary observation.

“Barr is ostensibly being held in contempt for not turning over a document he has no legal obligation to turn over,” Gowdy began. “In fact, it’d be against the law to do so” (a critical fact the Times left out of its report).

“The counter-argument is you guys [Republicans] held [then-Obama Attorney General] Eric Holder in contempt (in 2012 — for failing to turn over documents related to the failed “Fast and Furious” gunrunning scandal in which a federal Border Patrol agent, Brian Terry, was killed with one of the guns).

“We did,” Gowdy continued, “400 days after we asked for the documents.”

Then Gowdy said:

Here’s the good thing that Wilbur Ross, and Eric Holder, and William Barr all have in common right now: Nobody cares what Congress does. What we saw yesterday — [Democrats] can’t even enforce their own House rules against their own members.

So, there used to be a stigma against being held in contempt of Congress. There ain’t no more, so I would tell Bill Barr, ‘Your reputation as an incredible lawyer is intact. Don’t give it another thought.’

He went onto say that the administration could have explained their rationale for adding the citizenship question to the Census “a little better,” but “when 60 Democrats vote to impeach you before Robert Mueller has issued a single consonant or vowel in his report, that ain’t a fair jury.”


So what, right? Who cares what Democrats in Congress are doing? Aren’t Gowdy and GOP lawmakers right — the Donkey Party is just continuing its harassment of this president and his administration?

Yes, they are right. But true also is the fact that Congress does have an oversight role — which the Democrats are obviously abusing and have politicized, to the point where…nobody cares.

And when nobody cares, two things happen: 1) Lawmakers escape the necessary scrutiny we the people must apply in order to ensure that they are doing their jobs on our behalf; and 2) we as a people become frustrated and disillusioned with our form of government, making us more prone to believe Leftists who say we need something new in its place — something that ‘works.’

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Which party has been pushing to ‘change our system?’ That would be the same Donkey Party making a mockery out of the House oversight process today.


— The Democrat Left’s objective is to cause such chaos within our governing system that a majority of Americans will eventually agree to change it; and we know that Democrats are all-in today with socialism, which would lead to tyranny and eventually Communism, two failed political and economic models that otherwise work very well if the real objective is enslaving and controlling the population.

— By breaking the rules with impunity, like Democrats did this week in failing to hold the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, accountable for violating chamber rules by labeling POTUS Trump a racist, they further cheapen the institution and make a mockery of it, thereby increasing our frustration with the ‘process.’

— But House Dems did vote to hold the president ‘accountable’ — for “racist tweets” that never mentioned anyone’s race, another joke.

— Democrats are the ones who want to do away with the Electoral College, as evidenced by their push to circumvent it on the state level with a “National Popular Vote” — something our founding fathers specifically rejected because it would actually be undemocratic.

— As evidenced by President Trump’s victory in 2016 and President George W. Bush’s victory in 2000, when Democrats lose elections they claim they are not legitimate and therefore, by intimation, claim ‘the process’ is not legitimate (when they win, of course, the system works perfectly).

Remember, the Left preaches to its cadres that all politics is deception. Pretend to care about the system while working to dismantle it and replace it. Making Congress’ largest body — the House — irrelevant or seem dysfunctional beyond repair helps achieve the objective.

Democrats know what they are doing when they make a mockery of House rules and oversight processes. They are attempting to crash the system so that we’ll allow them to change it into something unrecognizable and inherently dangerous to liberty.

Gowdy knows of what he speaks, which is most likely why he decided to get out. Understandable, but the trouble with that strategy is that we have one less warrior for freedom working within the system to preserve it.

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2 Comments on "Gowdy says House ‘now irrelevant’ after sham Barr, Ross ‘contempt vote’ but wasn’t that the Democrats’ plan all along? (Video)"

  1. The Dems are driven by anger and hatred. That is why they are breaking all the Congressional rules. They are in a rage because Hillary lost; because the Mueller report flopped; because America still loves Trump; because they have an overshadowing realization that Trump may very well win again in 2020. They can’t stand this.

    So, what do they do? Run endless investigations against Trump and his officials, break Congressional rules so suit their own needs, ignore rule of law, ignore truth and justice, spread propaganda by taking Trump’s words out of context. They label us as the enemy and call us fascists. They are ignoring the will of the American people and see their own will as superior.

    They have all gone insane.

  2. Kenneth Wood | July 19, 2021 at 4:15 pm | Reply

    Nobody cares about the Democrats deeds or thoughts. They are useless as a white dog turf in the yard. They should leave our country and start their own country do we can take it over and have slavery again

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