Impeachment defense attorney Pam Bondi points out when, not long ago, the Dem media cared about Biden corruption

Bondi actually played the clip of the VP bragging about how he demanded a quid pro quo from Ukraine

By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) On Tuesday, lawyers on President Donald Trump’s impeachment defense team continued to hammer away at the Democrats phony case, including Florida lawyer and Attorney General Pam Bondi.

For days now, as calls for more witnesses by House Democratic managers and their sycophantic media allies have intensified, the one person the Garbage Party isn’t interested in hearing from is Hunter Biden, son of former VP Joe Biden, the party’s leading 2020 presidential contender.

He’s “not relevant” to the president’s case, Democrats claim. His testimony “wouldn’t add anything” to the substance of the allegations contained in the two articles of impeachment — which, by the way, have everything to do with Ukraine and Ukrainian corruption.

Florida AG Bondi connected the dots during her refutation of Democratic impeachment charges by noting that a) the Democrat-allied media itself has refuted assertions by House impeachment managers that Hunter Biden’s association with a Ukrainian energy company — while his dad handled Ukraine policy for Obama — was indeed relevant; and b) it also smacked of corruption.

Playing clips of recent media reports that highlighted the “nefarious” relationship between Hunter Biden, Ukrainian firm Burisma, and Daddy Biden, Bondi systematically destroyed the House manager’s claims that the son as a witness for the defense wouldn’t be relevant.

She also pointed out that the Obama administration was aware of the conflict, while at the same time highlighting what has been evident from the beginning, thanks to incriminating video: That VP Biden threatened to withhold funding from Ukraine in exchange for the firing of the Ukrainian national prosecutor who was probing Burisma corruption.

Naturally, Democrat defenders attempted to brush aside Bondi’s evidence but were in turn slapped away themselves.

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And, thankfully, Bondi actually played the clip of the VP bragging about how he demanded a quid pro quo from Ukraine — $1 billion in loan guarantees in exchange for firing the Ukrainian prosecutor.

A CNN correspondent complained, however, as though is network never selectively edits/covers political events that are damaging to Democrats.

There can be no double standards here. Democrats and their media don’t get to claim that President Trump had no legitimate right to investigate Ukrainian corruption — which is what he was doing — then claim that Joe and Hunter Biden are off-limits as witnesses in an impeachment trial built solely on Trump’s foreign policy interactions with Ukraine.

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