National security expert details ongoing civil war inside U.S. intelligence community over Trump: ‘There are questions of allegiance’ to our country (Video)

(NationalSentinel) The Garbage Party and their media sycophants have often lambasted President Trump over his criticisms of the U.S. intelligence community and its motivation behind the release of so-called ‘intelligence’ information that has turned out to be false.

The entire “Russian collusion” scandal was allegedly based on ‘hard data’ from the intelligence community that the FBI discovered in its harmless, ‘just doing our jobs’ counterintelligence investigation of the president’s 2016 campaign.

We all know the allegations were bullshit and the narrative was fake. Well, reasonable Americans know it; Garbage Party media types and their voters continue to believe that Trump’s a Manchurian candidate despite the fact that entire narrative was a fabrication of the deep state.

Now it’s “Ukrainegate.” The intel community is trotting out one liar after another to discredit Trump and create the impression he committed an impeachable offense in talking to the Ukrainian President Zelensky over the summer. Like Russiagate, this, too, is bullshit.

One long-time national security expert, Dr. Christopher Hull, whose organization is dedicated to cleaning up the corrupt and expansive U.S. intelligence community, has come out and said what we all have thought we have known for some time: There really is a ‘civil war’ going on inside the community over President Trump.

One side wants to throw him out of office, while the other side wants to expose all of the blatantly illegal and unconstitutional shit the Obama regime pulled off — mostly to entrap/ensnare Trump.

Naturally, the douchebag Commie media is part of the ‘get Trump’ coalition within the intel community.

For some reason, those pricks have all thrown in with the authoritarian ideology of scumbags like Josef Stalin and Chairman Mao who butchered tens of millions of their own people in purge after purge (including media types and intellectuals) during their reigns of terror.

Trump knows this civil war is going on. He’s knows what’s at stake, too: If he loses, we lose our country. That’s why he’s fighting to expose them. And that’s why we are so adamantly in his corner.

AG William Barr is also working OT to expose these anti-American bone smokers who, as Hull notes, have “allegiance” issues to the deep state instead of our/their country.


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Your blind trust in AG Barr is misplaced. What has he done? Prosecution declined!

National security expert details ongoing civil war inside U.S. intelligence community over Trump: ‘There are questions of allegiance’ to our country - The National Sentinel - BREAKING ALL THE RULES

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