By Duncan Smith

It was bound to happen.

Business owners, whether they vote for Democrats or Republicans, are getting sick and tired of watching their shops and stores looted and destroyed in our biggest cities.

They’re tired of the inaction by mostly Democrat mayors and city councils.

And now many are threatening to pull up stakes and leave these enclaves of looting, anarchy, and violence — and take their jobs (and tax base) with them.

That includes Chicago, where an organized looting event occurred last weekend mostly because Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Soros-funded ‘prosecutor’ Kim Foxx have condoned such behavior in the past by letting people who commit such acts off the hook.

The Daily Wire has the details:

Chicago businesses and property management companies are warning the city's mayor, Lori Lightfoot, that if Chicago does not take greater measures to curb crime and civil unrest, they may be forced to leave.

Rioters and looters caused an estimated $60 million in damages Sunday night after a social media post went viral accusing the Chicago Police Department of shooting an unarmed 15-year-old boy in Englewood, a mostly black neighborhood on the city's south side. The post instructed would be 'protesters' to grab tools and prepare to loot downtown businesses.

The post turned out to be wildly inaccurate; Chicago police say they were involved in a shootout with a 20-year-old armed male who threatened neighbors and is now being held without bond on attempted murder charges.

Sunday night's unrest, though, was the second time the city has seen widespread rioting and looting and business owners say they're done with city officials who seem to be overwhelmed by how to handle increasing crime.

'I'm almost ready to move to find a much quieter location in a less violent city,' one jewelry store owner, who found himself cleaning up his ransacked store for the second time in less than three months Monday morning, told the Wall Street Journal. 'It's basically a lawless land.'

Others are demanding that the city spend more money to keep tourist areas safe.

'Kimberly Bares, president, and chief executive of the Magnificent Mile Association, said her 650 members, including large retailers and hotels, are looking for a stronger full-time police presence in the area as well as investments in underserved neighborhoods to address longstanding issues of inequality,' the WSJ noted.

Smaller businesses told the WSJ, though, that they don't believe an increased police presence will do much to deter looters, particularly given that the Chicago Police Department itself is under siege from protesters, including Chicago's branch of Black Lives Matter, which defended looting as a form of 'reparations' in twin rallies Monday and Tuesday.

Democrats can’t build anything, but they are awfully good at destroying things, especially the cities they run.

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