Are the U.S. and North Korea about to fall back into a cycle of threats and potential nuclear war?

(TNS) An unofficial/official end-of-the-year deadline to restart denuclearization talks with North Korea is upon us and it appears as though Pyongyang isn’t much interested in doing anything about it, absent major concessions on sanctions from the United States.

Well — so much for that, right? President Trump gave it his best shot and just came up short, huh?

Maybe. And maybe not.

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That’s what deep state Globalists/Political satanists want. It fits in to their depopulation agenda, and their conspiracy to usurp our vote / President Trump.

They(deep state) can launch a missile, blame Norky Pig, and get rid of the people they hate so much.

It’s been tried before.

* / search unauthorized missile launch.

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