Only one-third of Americans believe new gun control laws will stop mass shootings; most want them anyway

By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) A majority of Americans polled in a new survey said they don’t believe new gun control laws will stop mass shootings, and yet a majority want them anyway.

According to a recent Economist/YouGov poll, 41 percent said they don’t believe stricter gun laws will stop mass shootings, while about one-third, or 34 percent, said they would.

The survey noted further that a quarter of respondents (25 percent) said they either don’t know or are unsure if new laws would stop recent mass shootings before they happen.

That’s understandable. According to several analyses of the most popular new proposals — “red flag” laws; raising the gun-buying age to 21; ‘expanded’ background checks — there is no evidence to suggest or prove that these additional legal tools would do anything to curb gun violence, especially in cities like Chicago, Baltimore, and St. Louis, where gun crime is rampant and gun control is heavy.

For instance, both of the mass shooters in El Paso and Dayton were older than 21, which in and of itself is problematic given that 17-year-olds can join the military.

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Also, “expanding” background checks, ostensibly to include gun shows, would have no impact on gun crimes or mass shootings since, to date, not a single gun show-purchased weapon has been used to commit mass murder. That, and most sales at gun shows are through dealers, and of course, all dealer-made gun sales are already subject to an FBI background check before the purchase can go through.

Red flag laws, which empower courts and police to confiscate guns from someone only considered to be a danger — but not yet having committed a crime — are constitutionally problematic because they infringe on the Second Amendment and violate due process. Yet, many states have already passed such laws.

Nevertheless, survey respondents were not skeptical of all gun control, as questions about specific policy proposals bear out.

For example, 84 percent said they want Congress to “do something about gun violence,” while 57 percent said they want the Senate to come back early from recess to Washington in order to work on gun legislation.

The survey also noted that a 61-percent majority want to make handgun laws more strict, and 59 percent of respondents were either “somewhat” or “strongly” in favor of “banning semi-automatic weapons.”

Regarding handguns, 73 percent said they were in favor of a five-day waiting period, while 63 percent were either “somewhat” or “strongly” opposed to banning handguns.

Opinions regarding the prohibition of concealed carry are almost even, with 45 percent against and 43 percent in favor; 55 percent believe that people should obtain permits from police before buying a handgun.

Finally, nearly two-thirds of respondents (66 percent) were either “somewhat” or “strongly” in favor of requiring gun owners to register their firearms with a national gun registry, which gun rights advocates warn is a natural step toward gun confiscation.

So all in all, it appears as though gun control advocates on the Left, along with allies in the mainstream media, have been successful in convincing many Americans that the Second Amendment is subject to popular whim rather than being a hard-and-fast right not to be infringed upon or regulated by the government.

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Glenn Festog
Glenn Festog

Dear Leftist Gun Control Freaks,
After the Christchurch shooting, wringing hands politicos there passed a “buy back” program in New Zealand; out of an estimated 850k Ar-15s (or equivalent), less than 600 have been turned in to-date. New Zealand DOESN’T have a 2nd Amendment.
AR-15 estimate for the US is 8 MILLION; gun ownership in general between 80 to 120 million Americans. So, what will you do if even 1% of the population objects?


It is THE TRIBE that wants to disarm us so they can wreak havoc on our society. Well, sorry Chumps, it ain’t happenin’. No matter what laws you enact, you’re not getting them. We will hide them so deep, not even your best Mossad equipment will find them. And then, just when you think you have us beaten . . . POW, you will be GONE.

Marshall Gill
Marshall Gill

The public indoctrination system has produced at least a generation of people who are basically children. They don’t care that borrowing a Trillion dollars a year matters and they couldn’t care less about the actual results of gun control. Results are for adults, not dreamers!

It feels like it will help, so it literally doesn’t matter what the actual results.

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