(NationalSentinel) Corruption: One of the most explosive revelations out of FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week was also one of the least-reported: An as-yet-undisclosed email that investigators discovered during their probe of Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information was apparently explosive enough that then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch assured that the former secretary of state would never be charged.

As reported by Fox News, the FBI had found an email allegedly obtained by Russian hackers indicating that Lynch would do everything she could to protect Hillary against criminal charges. Asked by committee chairman Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, “how and when” he came into contact with the document, who sent it, and who received it, Comey said indicated it was highly classified and thus he could not discuss it in an open forum:

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Comey also indicated that the now infamous airport tarmac meeting between Lynch and former President Bill Clinton may also have influenced his decision to not recommend Hillary be prosecuted, which Republicans on the committee said was incredible given his detailed description of all that Clinton had done wrong. GOP members also said it was hard to understand how Hillary’s closest aide, Huma Abedin, and her estranged husband, Anthony Weiner, also were not recommended for charges given the hundreds of classified documents found on their computers as well.

As usual, The New York Times, in an “extensive” report, is blaming Hillary’s loss on Comey, as are all of the anonymous officials the paper spoke to for the story. The report also claims that Comey used a double standard when investigating Clinton and the Trump campaign, the latter of which he did not mention publicly.

Two things. Hillary’s loss came at the hands of a non-politician outsider who won because he was a much better candidate, period. To claim, as many Times readers who responded to the story did that voters who chose Trump over her because they’re stupid and misinformed is, well, stupid and misinformed. Many of those comments the Times chose to “pick” as its favorites also blithely dismiss all of Clinton’s purposefully illegal behavior using a home-brew email - which truly did endanger national security, as this story indicates - as no big deal. Clinton, to far too many Americans, should have won and gotten a pass because she’s a far-Left Democrat, and as the proves once again with its story, no Democrat can do wrong.

The second thing is, perhaps Trump did get some special treatment from Comey and the FBI. But given the massive amount of publicity surrounding Clinton’s investigation, and the obvious political chicanery taking place behind the scenes (and in public, i.e., Bill Clinton’s extremely inappropriate meeting with Lynch - where is the Leftist outrage over that?), and the obvious fact that Clinton broke numerous laws and should have been prosecuted, maybe for the good of the country Comey believes he had no choice.

There is also this: Clinton’s mishandling of classified, sensitive, nation-harming information is real; the “Russia stole the election for Trump” narrative is not real.

Either way, this entire sordid affair demonstrates that the Marxist Left - the Democratic Party, Hollywood, the fake news media - have all joined to make America as ungovernable as possible under a president they have decided is illegitimate, as if they have that right and power.

They would have never stood for such dismissal and disrespect of Obama, though he very obviously deserved it.


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