By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler fired off a response to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) via Twitter on Monday refuting claims that he ordered his police department to ‘stand-down’ in the face of Antifa protesters who marched in city streets — again — over the weekend.

His reply comes after Cruz called him out following the savage beating of independent journalist Andy Ngo, who was attacked by several Antifa mobsters as he was covering their protest.

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“Dear @TedCruz,” Wheeler responded. At least get your facts straight. I ordered no such thing. Could you divert some of those investigation dollars to something that would actually benefit American cities? Infrastructure, affordable housing, mental health services come to mind,” he tweeted.

Harmeet Dhillon, Ngo’s attorney, wouldn’t let that one stand. She fired back at Wheeler noting that her client told Fox News on Monday that officers in his department admitted they were told not to interact with Antifa members.

“Mayor @tedwheeler is denying that there was a stand-down order, but see the video and judge for yourself,” she tweeted, referring to Ngo’s appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show.

“Officer told @MrAndyNgo that they didn’t want to ‘incite’ the Antifa mob by doing their jobs to protect citizens. Whose order was that? I’ll bet that any line cop who got into this job to help people, didn’t like the order, but had to follow it. We’ll find out what happened.”

Someone’s not being honest. As for Wheeler, he most certainly has ordered his police department to stand down for politically motivated reasons in the past.

As the Williamette Week reported in June 2018, the mayor ordered cops not to intervene in assisting federal ICE employees whose workplace was under siege by Left-wing lunatics because he disagrees with enforcing immigration laws.

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“The policy being enacted by the federal government around the separation of very small children from their parents is an abomination,” Wheeler tweeted. “I want to be very clear I do not want the @PortlandPolice to be engaged or sucked into a conflict, particularly from a federal agency that I believe is on the wrong track, that has not fully lived American values of inclusion and is also an agency where the former head suggested that people who lead cities that are sanctuary cities like this one should be arrested.”

Dhillon says she’ll get to the bottom of what happened with her client. We believe her; Wheeler should too.

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