Fact alert: OANN fully explains how deep state actors changed intel community whistleblower form to ensnare Trump (Video)

(NationalSentinel) There are a lot of moving parts to this Ukraine “scandal” hoax which is really just part of the deep state’s ongoing effort to depose our duly elected president, Donald Trump.

Having said that, it’s still vital that everyone understands what’s happening and what, exactly, has been done thus far to set up Trump for another fall.

One of the most important important aspects — and one that fully exposes this for the bullshit it is — has to do with the actual reporting form the so-called “whistleblower” filed with the intelligence community inspector general.

While it’s been mentioned in some media that the form was changed just before the complaint was filed, most news outlets have not fully explained those changes and why they are important in sorting all of this out.

Thank God, then, for One America News Network. Again.

OANN took the time over the weekend to explain these changes and what they allowed the deep state to do. But the network also dug deeper and found evidence that the CIA was in on it from the get-go — proving again that there still too many seditious pieces of shit who are being paid by taxpayers to depose our president.

That needs to fucking change. Trump, in a second term, is going to have to clean these pricks out and replace them with people who are loyal to our Constitution and our republic.

Otherwise, this treasonous behavior will only continue. And maybe the next ‘outsider’ president in Trump’s mold won’t have his strength and fall prey.

Then the days of the American banana republic will begin followed by widespread revolution.



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Leo Smith
Leo Smith

CIA operating on US Soil is Illegal. Arrest,convict and execute the Treasonous Democrats.

Mohammad Ayed Ahmad Jaradat
Mohammad Ayed Ahmad Jaradat

Without any reward, the army cannot move
Not even all the security services
It has been reported that they cannot risk without a financial reward
This is a difficult task as if they are looking for a needle in a haystack

Rick Schweikert
Rick Schweikert

Obviously the deep state was working on their hit-job of Trump for sometime before they made it public. Again we see the Obama CIA/FBI continuing their coup. Traitor Haspel must go.

M Allen

What is it going to take to round up these criminals and put them on trial for their lives? Enough bullshit already. Declare a Nation Emergency citing the coup attempt, then impose martial law. Round up every last dem congress person, send them to Gitmo for processing. They will turn on the deep state quick enough then. When their lives are on the line they will sing like well tuned violins, trust me.

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