(National Sentinel) Environment: Reasonable people want clean air and water and an habitable planet to pass on to the next generation. But reasonable people also understand that existing safeguards - rules, laws, regulations - in place are adequate to protect both of those resources.

So when the global warming/climate change hoaxers start preaching again about how ‘we’re not doing enough to save the planet,’ most people just tune them out.

Especially when they’re talking out of both sides of their mouths on the issue.

Hoaxer-in-chief Barack Obama and wife Michelle are sunning in Italy after the former president gave a speech in Milan about ‘addressing climate change.’ Per Heat Street, the event did not come without a huge dose of hypocrisy:

Apparently, he’s decided to demonstrate humanity’s contribution to global warming by making his own carbon footprint as big as possible.

On Friday, the Obama’s jetted into Tuscany on a private – not a commercial – plane, escorted into a small Florentine airport by six additional military jets, according to Italian state television. Footage of the landing has been broadcasting across Italy all weekend.

Once on the ground, the Obamas slipped into a black SUV and drove to the private Tuscan villa, Borgo Finocchieto, where they’ll be staying in all week, escorted by a 13-car motorcade.

The Villa, of course, is no mere motel, nestled in the Tuscan countryside just a few miles south of the city of Florence. They’ll be taking over an entire Tuscan village, where they’ll have their choice of 22 bedrooms, a library, several private spas and steam rooms, and wine-tasting room. Borgo Finocchieto also boasts commanding views of Tuscany’s vineyards.

It usually goes for $15,000 per night, but luckily for Obama, it belongs to his former ambassador to Italy, so no doubt the pair will get a deal.

In just his trip back and forth to Italy, for his presentation and his vacation, Barack Obama has emitted more than 16 metric tons of carbon – just shy of what an average American emits in a year. 

“When it comes to climate change, the hour is almost upon us,” Obama told the audience at his IIPS keynote. “I do not believe that this planet is condemned to ever-rising temperatures. I believe these are problems that were caused by man and can be solved by man.”

Well, caused by other men. Not him, though.

Then there’s the former bodybuilder, action star and governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger; he says you can own a number of gas hog vehicles and still claim the mantle of global warming savior, a huge hypocrisy apparently lost on the Agence France Presse reporter doing the story:

Arnold Schwarzenegger has four Hummers and likes nothing better than getting up at 5am to ride his Harley Davidson to the beach for breakfast.

Yet “The Terminator” star insists that should not stop him being an environmental evangelist.

“Saving the planet is also about technology,” the former California governor told AFP, putting his foot on a chair and wagging a skull-ringed finger to make his point.

Three of his Hummers run on hydrogen, vegetable oil and bio-diesel and he’s hoping to put an electric engine into the fourth.

“You know one day soon we are going to have hydrogen-fuelled planes. We can get rid of this dirty diesel tomorrow.

“I hate it when environmentalism comes down to ‘you can’t do this and you can’t do that’. There’s a bad habit of shaming, guilt and finger pointing. ‘Don’t smoke this, don’t take a jacuzzi and don’t take a plane.’ Everything’s bad.”

Well, yeah, “everything’s bad” because environmental wackos like Schwarzenegger and Obama have been ranting for years that “everything” having anything to do with carbon-based fuels is bad. Suddenly, it’s not? Or, it’s not when the wackos are burning the fuel?

What is bad are all the false narratives surrounding so-called “global warming” and “climate change.” To many of its more ardent believers it’s nothing short of a religion; to its creators, it’s an insidious plot to control populations and destroy the one economic model that can lift the world out of poverty (and at the same time make billions of people reliant on themselves, not some nefarious, predatory government).

When alternative energies become economically feasible and viable to produce, then we’ll have them in spades. That’s what the wackos don’t understand; if something cannot be produced economically so that it is both profitable and affordable, it won’t be. That is Capitalism 101.

But the wackos hate capitalism - unless, of course, they are being enriched by it.

And so the circle jerk continues.

Meantime, our suggestion is that Obama and Schwarzenegger and all the believers in the Church of Global Warming live their lives the way they choose, and the rest of us will do the same.

The planet is more in danger of being blown up by rogue nations with nuclear weapons than by our SUVs, electric homes and cattle farts. The data prove it.


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