By Duncan Smith

He’s in a tough spot but…

Without a doubt, our founders literally risked everything to break from England and declare independence.

The vast majority of colonists at the time were not on board with it.

That became obvious when Britain sent troops to put down the ‘rebellion’ and put its colonies back under the king’s control.

That’s where the term “Three Percenters” came from — Only about 3 percent of American colonists at the time signed on to fight and took part in the bloody quest for independence.

Human nature doesn’t change much, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that a precious few of today’s political leaders are willing to make the same sacrifices.

Even if it means a temporary state of chaos.

Earlier, Vice President Mike Pence discussed what he believes is his role as president of the Senate: Show up to a joint session of Congress, and go through the motions of counting electoral ballots.

To him, and to many other ‘leaders,’ the role of the VP is ceremonial. Just show up, count the certified ballots, and leave.

The Epoch Times reports:

Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday said that he doesn't believe he has the 'unilateral authority' to decide between competing slates of electors.

'It is my considered judgment that my oath to support and defend the Constitution constrains me from claiming unilateral authority to determine which electoral votes should be counted and which should not,' Pence said in a statement released just before a joint session of Congress began. …

Under the Electoral College system, voters choose electors. Those electors then vote, almost always for the candidate that received the most ballots in their state. Congress meets in the January after an election to tally the votes.

Typically a rote affair, this session has taken on heightened significance after seven states sent two certificates to Washington, one for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and one for President Donald Trump. Biden won the states but Trump has said he was cheated.

Trump and some Republicans argue that Pence has the 'exclusive authority' to reject electoral votes for Biden and choose the ones for Trump. A lawsuit asking a court to support that view was rejected by a district judge. An appeal was dismissed, though the plaintiffs earlier Wednesday asked the Supreme Court to weigh in.

Trump has repeatedly called on Pence to act. If Pence 'comes through for us, we will win the Presidency,' Trump asserted in a tweet early Wednesday. He also said his vice president could send electoral results back to state legislatures.

Pence, though, described his role as presiding officer as 'largely ceremonial.'

But is it?

The reason why several states sent competing slates of electors is because the elections in those states were unconstitutionally altered.

Secretaries of state, governors, and courts changed voting rules and procedures ahead of the Nov. 3 election.

The Constitution’s Article II states plainly that only state legislatures can change voting rules and procedures.

So the question becomes: Is a vice president bound by law and the Constitution to count tainted sets of electors certified after an unconstitutional vote?

Pence seems to think so. So do most elected Republicans.

But a growing number of GOP voters don’t think such electors should be counted.

We are moving towards a situation in our country where, if a large plurality no longer trusts our election process, they will simply refuse to go along with the ruling class.

Much like our founders did 240-odd years ago.

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