By Duncan Smith

We know without a shadow of a doubt that Democrats kept their cities and states shut down way longer than they needed to due to ‘COVID’ in order to keep the economy depressed so it would harm Donald Trump’s reelection.

Mission accomplished.

And what’s worse, these pieces of excrement didn’t care a whit how many small businesses they destroyed in the process.

They were never going to force the big retailers and box stores to close, mostly because a) big box stores were allowed to remain open because somehow coronavirus couldn’t penetrate those places; and b) big retailers make billions and their owners spend tens of millions on political campaigns.

But all is well now, right? Even blue states and cities are reopening, kinda, sorta, so things are going to be just fine now for small businesses, especially after taxpayers have spend trillions of dollars on ‘COVID relief,’ right?


CNBC reports:

Small business closures across the U.S. and the world are creeping back toward their pandemic peaks, according to a report from Facebook and the Small Business Roundtable.

'It continues to be a very painful time for small businesses,' John Stanford, co-executive director of the Small Business Roundtable, told CNBC's 'Worldwide Exchange' on Thursday.

The report, which surveyed over 35,000 small and medium-size businesses across the world, found that 22% of U.S. small businesses were closed in February. Those figures were up from October's 14%. At the peak in May, the pandemic saw 23% of small and medium-size businesses closed — only 1 percentage point higher than the current closure rate. 

While the overall closures are nearing Covid highs, the report found that different areas of the country were experiencing varying degrees of difficulty. Some states, like Maine, Idaho and Colorado, were seeing 9%-10% closures, while others like New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts were seeing at least 30% closed.

yes, of course, the states that stayed closed the longest and the hardest have had the most small business closures. Why anyone but a committed Marxist remains in those states is anyone’s guess.

But the fact is, after seeing what these evil sons of b**ches have done to tens of thousands of small business owners, wiping them out like they did over a phony ‘threat’, to paraphrase Nancy Pelosi, it’s a wonder millions of American patriots aren’t in the streets of Washington.

‘Maybe they will be.’

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