The one argument missing from any discussion of Elizabeth Warren’s $32 trillion healthcare scheme

(TNS) One of the Marxist toadies over at Young Turks didn’t like the treatment given Elizabeth Warren’s multi-trillion-dollar healthcare plan scheme by a writer from the Daily Beast, which is delightful to us because whenever two Left-wing media outlets clash, it’s a beautiful thing.

Specifically, YT contributor  Ryan Grim wasn’t pleased to read the piece called, “The Magical Thinking Behind Warren’s Medicare for All Plan.”

In it, Brian Riedl writes, “Warren assumes substantial net savings that far exceed what most analysts consider plausible” and that “the $20.5 trillion in proposed federal budget savings are ambitious, yet ultimately unrealistic and economically destructive.”

Yes, that sounds about right, actually. There is nothing serious about Warren’s plan except her and the economic ignoramuses pushing it because they want her to be our next president.

In disgust, Grim employed a well-worn ‘insult’ — if you can call it that — by likening anyone who disagreed with Warren’s magic math akin to a (wait for it) “climate change denier.”

Wow, you really got us with that, one, Ryan.

Anyway, while the Marxists in the mainstream media and Garbage Party pontificate about how every dime of wealth in America wouldn’t cover a $32 trillion-plus health care scheme, lost in any debate over Warren’s plan is discussion of the fact that we shouldn’t be having a healthcare debate.

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Remember when Obamacare was supposed to fix all that was wrong with the American healthcare system?

What happened to that grand plan?

Lower drug prices. Lower monthly premiums. Lower out of pocket. Lower overall health costs. Get to keep your doctor. All things that didn’t happen.

So yeah, it only stands to reason that there’d be another healthcare proposal. But let’s never forget that turkey called Obamacare Democrats shoved down our throats that didn’t work and was never supposed to work.

Then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) spilled the beans on that fact in 2013. O-care was always just a path to government-run single-payer healthcare.

You know what else is missing from the healthcare discussion?

Why any American in their right mind would give the federal government more control over our healthcare again after Obamacare, and why government should have that control in the first place.

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Anything the government touches turns to sh^t. Only a sh^thead like Warren, and her acolyte morons would vote for a plan like this turdburger.

She should stick to her strong suit — identity fraud.

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