Democrats blamed for mounting disrespect of NYPD; ex-cops lay blame directly at feet of Commie Mayor DeBlasio (Video)

(TNS) The latest push by the Left-wing Communist pukes in the Garbage Party to destabilize our cities and our country is to attack law enforcement on the local level.

That means electing “progressive” douchebags to the position of mayor and prosecuting attorney while attempting to get similar douchebags hired on as police chiefs.

The effort is already paying dividends. Big cities from coast-to-coast are experiencing record disrespect for the law as well as the law enforcers — the men and women who occupy the thin blue line between civil society and total fucking chaos.

Nowhere is that more evident than in New York City, which was tamed and made whole under Mayor Rudy Giuliani but is now being torn asunder again by that ass clown Communist Bill DeBlasio.

The 10-minute 2020 Democratic presidential contender has actually attacked the NYPD in public, and his own department blames him for stoking anti-police violence like the infamous ‘water bucket attack’ in July.

They’re right, of course. When you act as though every police shooting of a shithead suspect with a rap sheet as thick as a phone book is the fault of the department…because racism…you’re not going to earn much respect from your department. Nor should you.

The fact is, the Garbage Party is out to change our form of government, period. They hate liberty, they hate the fact that Americans have individual liberty, and they hate Donald Trump. So anything they can do to disrupt society and ensure as many cities and communities as possible devolve into unmanageable violence, the better.

That’s how all Communists have managed to take over a country; they cause mass civil unrest and then lead the ‘revolutionaries’ to power, only to enslave them all afterward and impose an authoritarian regime where everyone is finally equal — equally suppressed and equally miserable.

They think they can control us, in other words, if they just destroy our civil society.

Boy, are they fucking wrong.

One America News filed a report Wednesday detailing the shit show that DeBlasio is and the effect it’s having on his city and the NYPD. Note that cops aren’t blaming “society” they are blaming that fucktard.


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The Prisoner
The Prisoner

The left wing police unions are at fault. Police are not defying these leftist mayors. If it were a conservative mayor causing the police harm they would be out there openly protesting, defying and striking against the mayor.

Pete O'Bucksnort
Pete O'Bucksnort

Remember the adage “Kids & Dogs, they’ll push you to see how much they can get away with”?
Same thing with these entitled thugs.
Today it’s water, tomorrow it will be bleach and acid.
As long as policy dictates a complete hands off approach these types of incursions will continue and they will get worse.
There is no “gray” area anymore.
This is why big cities in the US are experiencing such dramatic LE shortages.

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