By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) dropped a couple more bombshells on Fox News’ “The Story” Tuesday evening in response to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court’s rare public rebuke of the FBI.

Nunes, who led the Intelligence Committee as it began to probe the irregularities behind the launch of “Spygate” during the Obama regime, has been out in front of all this criminal conduct from the outset.

His committee, for example, put forth a memo documenting serial abuses of the FISA court by members of James Comey’s FBI in February 2018, long before Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report that found and documented the same abuses.

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During his appearance with “The Story” host Martha McCallum, Nunes commended the FISA court for its rebuke of the FBI following the release of Horowitz’s report last week.

But he also condemned the court for knowing the information contained in the Horowitz report for more than a year and yet doing nothing about it.

How did the court know? Because Nunes and his team of House Freedom Caucus members informed the court in two letters of the crimes they discovered while probing the origins of Spygate.

“The FISA court is also culpable in this madness,” Nunes said, advocating for dissolution of the court because it’s obviously not capable of responding to obvious cases of fraud.

Specifically, the FISA court knew that the FBI’s applications for surveillance warrants against 2016 Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page were based on a bogus “dossier” that even the bureau knew was phony.

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What’s more:

— Nunes noted in May that the Strzok-Page ‘insurance policy’ was part of the original FISA spy application and that exculpatory evidence existed for Spygate figure George Papadopoulos;

— He said in August 2018 that Comey’s FBI excluded exculpatory evidence against Carter Page to get FISA warrants — that would be the part where the CIA informed the FBI that Page was an asset between 2008-2013 but an FBI lawyer left that out of the affidavits;

— The California Republican said in March 2018, a month after releasing the “FISA Memo,” that the FBI ‘may have violated criminal statutes’ in committing FISA court abuses.

And again, he told McCallum the FISA court knew all of this.

Now he believes while a process for obtaining surveillance warrants ought to be in place, we should do something else besides rely on a secretive court that can’t or won’t police itself but is nonetheless quick to point fingers of blame for corruption elsewhere.

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