By J. D. Heyes

Government watchdog Judicial Watch has once again discovered new, incriminating evidence that Barack Obama’s FBI worked to hide illegal mishandling of classified emails by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

And fortunately for Americans and our flagging system of justice, the discovery comes at a time when a hero member of Congress, House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) is preparing criminal referrals for Attorney General William Barr on, among other things, the FBI’s purposeful tanking of the Hillary probe.

Thanks to Nunes and JW, we now know about the Deep State coup attempt against POTUS Donald Trump; if Clinton had won in 2016, we likely never would have found out about it.

Under the ‘leadership’ of fired Director James Comey, the FBI documents recently released by JW show “evidence of ‘cover-up’ discussions related to” Clinton’s “unauthorized email system within the company that managed it,” WorldNetDaily reported.

Contained within the 422 documents released this week by JW is an email from Platte River Networks, who managed Clinton’s unsecured private email server, from December 2014 that says, “Its [sic] all part of the Hillary coverup operation I’ll have to tell you about at the party.”


The documents also indicate that Intelligence Community Inspector General Charles McCullough forwarded “concerns” he had about classified information within emails Clinton sent and received from the unsecured server.

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“Unsecured,” in this sense, doesn’t mean that Platte River Networks wasn’t protecting Clinton’s server from cyber-intrusions; it means that the server was not part of an approved federal government network which generally features a higher level of cyber protection. And for that matter, even Comey’s FBI assessed that Clinton’s server was almost certainly hacked by foreign governments — Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea, among other countries.

In addition, JW managed to wrest from the government Clinton’s original 2009 Non-Disclosure Agreement regarding the handling (and mishandling) of classified information — blowing apart one of her early excuses that she was “unaware” materials she was handling were classified.

Additionally, the documents show that the server hosting firm indeed used a program called “Bleachbit” on the Clinton email server to delete (and destroy) all of her files, making their recovery highly unlikely, if not impossible.

So, yes, she a) knew she was sending classified information; b) knew it was wrong to do so; and c) made sure to cover her electronic tracks to avoid detection and to avoid allowing anyone to find out what sort of materials she mishandled.

Bleachbit was downloaded on March 31, 2015, according to a computer event log obtained by JW. It was used over the next 30 minutes, roughly, to ‘clean’ Clinton’s email server…at a time when files on the server were under subpoena by the FBI.

JW filed a lawsuit in October 2016 to obtain the newly acquired documents after the Obama Justice Department refused to comply with an initial Freedom of Information Act requested filed by the organization in July of that year.

According to emails and handwritten notes between June and July 2015 from the Office of the Intelligence Community Inspector General, WND reported, there were “concerns” expressed regarding classified information on the server:

A redacted sender writes to State Department Official Margaret “Peggy” Grafeld that “inadvertent release of State Department’s equities when this collection is released in its entirety — the potential damage to the foreign relations of the United States could be significant. ICIG McCullough forwards the concern, saying: ‘Need you plugged in on this.’”

The sender noted, “While working with this inspector, I have personally reviewed hundreds of documents in the HRC (Hillary Rodham Clinton) collection. I can now say, without reservation, that there are literally hundreds of classified emails in this collection; maybe more.”

In a bizarre July 2016 press conference, Comey cleared Clinton of any responsibility, claiming that because she didn’t appear to intentionally break the law, “no reasonable prosecutor” would charge her. “Intent” isn’t the legal standard for charges under the espionage statute governing criminal mishandling of classified information. 

Speaking of charges, the one drawback to Nunes’ criminal referrals would be if the statute of limitations for violations of the Espionage Act — the law Clinton routinely flouted and which Comey and Co. allowed her to flout — has expired.

Some intelligence violations carry a 10-year statute of limitations, but others only five. Time will tell.

A version of this story first appeared at NewsTarget.

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